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Why Aren't We Free, If That's What We Want?

"It seems incongruous that people continue to suffer when they want to be free. They have identified through analysis and meditation what freedom is and is not, and come to the conclusion that they wish to be free forever. This is not only one person dilemma, everyone has a big problem: the suffering of all living beings is so terribly desperate.
The continuation of suffering of all living beings, as well as the suffering of the individual, is so unfair and seemingly arbitrary! It is certain that we have firmly decided that we definitively want to be free, and yet still cannot be free, isn't that so? Now we shall have to take the next step in the quest for the end of suffering: arising bodhichitta. ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche~~~

edited excerpt from Motivation to be Free teaching

Warum sind wir nicht frei, wenn es das ist, was wir wollen?
Es scheint eine Ungereimtheit zu sein, dass Menschen immernoch leiden, wenn sie doch frei sein wolle…

Thought for Friday ( + Spanish, French, German, Italian ) retranslations welcome

"I acquired a ketchup bottle with a thick long needle, used to stick into a roast to put marinade inside. I am sure there is some technical name, but I call it a thing. Like that, sometimes very painfully, you have probably been injected with ideas that you were forced to accept energetically. That is a problem, because you could be making effort to change your ideas intellectually, resulting in your spontaneous energetic beliefs and your new intellectual viewpoint becoming separated. So sadly, intelligent people often do not get the benefit of changing their own mind" ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~

please do not leave comments about vegetarianism or such here.. there are many other threads for those discussions and will be deleted from this one as that is not the point here today.

edited excerpt from teaching What is an Idea? mp3 download


Mandala Matrix Project

Will be heading to New Mexico in a couple of hours. Going to the Acoma reservation to continue my pilot study of the diagnosis of perceptual disorders I call the mandala matrix project. I and the medical people working on this have so far seen hundreds of people with fibromyalgia, autism, early onset dementia and more.
This is extremely important to quantify findings for future understandings. I hope that someday a machine can be built that can measure and diagnose perceptual disorders more accurately in reliance to the information I am gathering.

I also will be meeting the Acoma elders and medicine man in my personal inquiry of expressions of spirituality.
I will be off the internet grid and will reconnect soon.

Thought for Thursday ( + Spanish, French, German, Italian ) retranslations welcome!

"Rough humor is meant to shock and embarrass, and integrates into the mind easily because of the laughter. This is rough humor, intended to hurt another, but it also hurts the joker. This is harm based upon one of the Buddhist teachings of ten non-virtues called divisive speech and slander. Divisive speech is prevalent among intelligent people. Sadly it has become a sign of intelligence. We should use more skillful methods instead, because it damages the mind of the person saying it as well as making the listeners complicit in their intent to harm others. This is among the many damages caused by non-virtue" ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~

Edited excerpt from Compassionate Speech

"El humor áspero se supone para sobresaltar y avergonzar, y se integra en la mente fácilmente debido a la risa. Esto es el humor áspero, querido para hacer daño al otro, pero también hace daño al bromista. Esto es el daño basado en una de las enseñanzas budist…

Thought for Wednesday ( + Spanish, French, German, Italian ) retranslations welcome!

"Perhaps there are people reading this who have interest and curiosity to hold onto a piece of the ancient past, such as Buddhism, in order to feel personally connected to history. I was surprised to hear a fellow say he only practiced Buddhism as a historical preservation technique, so that it could be revived because it is an ancient religion. This is not a good enough reason to be doing spiritual practice. One begins by seeing the suffering and wishing to become free and not as a museum curator does"~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~

"Quizás hay gente que lee esto quiénes tienen el interés y la curiosidad para creer en una pieza del pasado antiguo, como el budismo, a fin de sentirse personalmente relacionados con la historia. Estuve sorprendido oír que un compañero dice que él sólo practicó el budismo como una técnica de preservación histórica, de modo que él pudiera ser reanimado porque es una religión antigua. Esto no es una razón bastante buena de hacer la práctica espiritu…

Thought for Tuesday ( + Spanish, French, German, Italian ) retranslations welcome!

"There are many teachings associated with developing Buddhist compassion. We primarily focus on them, not because we want to learn more about compassion, of course. It is because we want our own children to be safe, we want to be a locus of peace in our own home and in our workplace and feel safe walking down the street. As part of that, we wish that all bad people become enlightened, because then our children will not be afflicted by them any longer. In addition, we want these innocent children to be safe and free forever, even after the passing away of the protecting parent. Only the can we no longer think that freedom is the exclusive right of good people. In this way, we are correctly convinced that bad people need it even more than the good people do. True?" ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~

excerpt from Buddhism Rocks! my new book coming soon

"Hay muchas enseñanzas asociadas con la compasión budista en vías de desarrollo. Principalmente nos concentramos en ellos, no porque …

PETA for Freeing Suffering People

Our life force energy is not free to object when we are doing what we think is important. It a way it is more like a suffering animal kept in a cage.
Some people will break the law to open the cages of laboratory animals, setting them free by stealth, but many of the animals will not run away but continue to sit in their cages, the only place they ever knew. Like that, we gradually became accustomed to living life in a small way and don't know how to experience the expansive quality of being energetically alive. Not only does the metaphorical cage need to be sprung open for living beings trapped in samsara, but the complacent one inside must be alerted that freedom exists. Once they truly understand that there is more than their limited experience, they will need to develop spiritual courage, anticipation of evolutionary transformation as well as a new form of intelligence. Wanting this freedom is refuge as understood in Tibetan Buddhism" ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~

Thought for Sunday ( + Spanish, French, German, Italian ) retranslations welcome!

"Even if you did not agree with your parents’ methods of raising you, still there were both skillful and unskillful well meaning attempts to guide you and protect you from danger. In fact, reading and thinking about the Buddhist path to enlightenment is due to the kindness of your parents, because you are partly a product of that guidance. Some might object, saying their parents disapproved of the choices they made. However, even if you reject the training or examples of your parents, you might still use that as a reference by thinking ‘I am not going to be like that!’" ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche~~~

Excerpt from soon to be published new book Buddhism Rocks!

"Incluso si no estuviste de acuerdo con los métodos de tus padres de criarte, todavía allí eran tanto hábiles como torpes bien el sentido intenta dirigirte y protegerte del peligro. De hecho, la lectura y el pensamiento sobre el camino budista a la aclaración son debido a la bondad de tus padres, porque eres en parte un pro…