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Thought for Saturday on trust issues (read in Eng,Sp,Fr,Ger,It)

How sad for people who, although they identify themselves as practicing Buddhists, continue to live with damaged trust systems without availing themselves of the healing possible. Actively distrusting others or using a passive lack of trust by avoiding contact with other people are poor protective devices! These damaging perceptions toward others act as a harmful filter, having many far-reaching effects. The everyday lives of people with acknowledged “trust issues” live in a world that is gradually shrunken; the sphere of their influence in the world becomes smaller and smaller.

By holding onto wounds that cause mistrust without making effort to heal, an ability to trust in the Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha is weakened or perhaps even nonexistent. These sad and suffering people, with much to offer others, cannot truly be Buddhist, as the Buddhist path requires both an open heart and trust. ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~

¡Qué triste para las personas que, a pesar de que se identifican como practi…

Madyamika Prasangika, the Great View

The great Madhayamika Prasangika view is so marvelous that even rough and common folks cannot refute how it regards ordinary appearances. Concisely, things are as they appear to be in conventional reality without confusion or mental gymnastics, whereas other views achieve consonance by the incongruity of believing that things are not here at all! Another incongruity of another view is that things appear by my mind alone when in fact, things will continue to appear even when I am away from them!

Madhayamika Prasangika views existence with a cultivated common sense, all things function coming from causes and conditions. The view affirms that yes, things are here but not in the way we think they are; their deep appearance and nature is not that. Everything remains in place, we do not need to leave to go to a transcendent place such as a heaven realm, but we emerge from the perceptual suffering state. In addition, we do not damage the delicate process by confusing others or ourselves while…

Dancing with the Wise... quotation



Dragons bring comfort to the sky on a rainy day. Their rumbles of thunder are to the sky as the rumbles of elephants bring comfort to the dry open African savanna. DGR

"Drachen trösten den Himmel an einem verregneten Tag. Ihr Donnergrollen ist für den Himmel so tröstlich wie das Grollen der Elefanten für die trockene offene Savanne Afrikas." DGR

From Depression to Delight

It is a real journey from depression to delight. The "press" of depression describes that state that so many suffer from, feeling pressed into a darkened corner of their own mind. When the "light" of delight throws open the door, light goes everywhere; oppression is helpless to stay and disappears.

One of the most difficult things for the depressed person to do is laugh. That is why laughter yoga is so very wonderful! It works especially well when there is nothing to laugh about! Please? ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche

"Es ist eine weite Reise von der Depression zur Wonne. Das 'pressen' in Depression beschreibt den Zustand unter dem viele leiden, die sich in dunkle Ecken ihres eigenen Geists 'gepresst' fühlen. Wenn die Sonne der Wonne die Tür aufreißt, scheint das Licht überallhin; die Bedrücktheit wird hilflos und verschwindet.
Für einen depressiven Menschen ist das Lachen eins der schwierigsten Dinge. Deshalb ist Lachyoga so wundervoll! Sie funktioniert be…

Spiritual Bestowals

What does it mean to be "gifted"?
It is easy to say, but hard to understand in a deep way. We can also say, that we have received a bestowal, which brings the event into a more sacred space to correctly respect it.

Bestowals are given and can be removed by higher being if they are abused. They are alive and need to be treated with great care. They are there to act as superior functioning models so the receiver can improve and change. The gift is not the person until or if it is fully integrated into the essence, unless it is a temporary bestowal, such as a blessing. That is why there is such strong compulsion to practice the gift or bestowal of abilities.

The bestowal process is at the core of higher development toward the enlightened state. That is why Tibetan Buddhism is a living tradition; the bestowals are kept alive through inner lineages for the benefit of all sentient beings. It make the meditator capable of opening to higher being until they are able to connect with the…

The Inner Teacher

While we are not experiencing a manifest state of suffering, we need time to think quietly and deeply about the logical dilemmas and incongruities of suffering. In that way, we do not arouse the aspect of our personality that is definitely more mind as the needy student rather than mind as  teacher. We can strengthen our own “mind as teacher” by rehearsing quality remedies that we can use when our unruly student aspect wishes to gain control of the entire mental continuum, causing havoc. This is how mind training is done in the Tibetan system.
When the mind is not pressured and more cool and calm, discussions of delusions will not become an emotional subject. However, once the delusions are aroused, the only good remedy that mind as potential teacher has is a metaphorical bucket of cold water administered to the student. The real healing of dysfunction comes when the mind becomes strong and determined by using a reasonable, logical process to slowly discover the existential dilemma of …

Nothing is more than... Buddhist conundrum


Cultivated attitudes

The cultivated activity of spirituality is bonding higher values of love, openness, and kindness to where our identity is located, the mind, rather than the body/mind. DGR

There is a level of immaturity that feels the body is the basis of identity. Excessive sensuality, gratifications etc. When the person begins to mature, they see that they are the body, but more and feel the body and mind are both in identity. When one does not identify the body as so very important may see themselves as intellect and live more in the world of ideas. This is where this statement is addressing the person so they can benefit from guiding themselves toward cultivated values.

The teachings of the dharma are vast and not only for the brave and disciplined. The teachings of kindness alert us to the values and standards of kindness, the very thing the diatribe of disappointment in humans rails against! This quality can be cultivated and brought to fruition by integrating it into our very nature!


False Buddhist Superiority

Many Buddhist feel quite superior, saying they do not believe in God, but that is not true. Buddhists do not affirm a creator other than karma, but that is not the only criteria for God.
The Vajrayana Buddhist cultivated relationship with deity should not be made inconsequential, nor should we, out of arrogance, denigrate the relationship of theistic religions with their blessing relationship with God.
In a way, all Buddhists have a Creator God called karma, having nearly all the same characteristics as the creative aspects of God. DGR

Viele Buddhisten fühlen sich überlegen wenn sie sagen, sie glauben nicht an Gott, aber das stimmt eigentlich nicht. Buddhisten bejahen keinen Schöper außer dem Karma, aber das ist nicht das einzige Kriterium für Gott. Die im Vajrayana Buddhismus kultivierte Beziehung mit einer Gottheit sollte nicht für belanglos erachtet werden, und wir sollten auch nicht aus Arroganz die Beziehung mit dem Segen Gottes in den theistischen Religionen verunglimpfen. Auf gewi…

Increasing Virtue... is a Virture

Virtue is spontaneous kindness that arises from deep values that are stable in our minds. However, until the benefits of our cultivated extraordinary root of virtue arrives, we should treat our potential for virtue as garden nurseries do their plants in the early spring to make them flower sooner. They force grow them with Miracle Grow.
The vitamins of Buddha Dharma brand Miracle Virtue Grow are filled with love for others and self- respect. This rich compound also contains a healthy dose of Vitamin Discipline to turn our stubborn minds toward the light of the blessings of the Buddha as sunflowers follow the sun.

If we cultivate qualities such as virtue and maintain a positive outlook in the early spring of our lives, by the summer we shall blossom abundantly. Moreover, if we wait until the late summer of life to begin to mature, by adding Miracle Grow, we shall still have virtue blossoms for all to enjoy come fall! ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche~~~

"Tugend ist spontane Güte, die aus tiefen,…

Where is the Bottom of the Sky?

Stand outside for a while today and notice with your whole body and mind that the sky is not just up; it is all around you. The sky tickles your face, and is surrounding your feet. It is so very alive as it enters your nose and whooshes past you as you raise your arms! My dear friend, you are walking in sky! Domo Geshe Rinpoche

Steh heute für eine Weile im Freien und spüre mit Deinem ganzen Körper und Geist, daß der Himmel nicht nur oben ist, sondern überall um Dich herum. Der Himmel kitzelt Dein Gesicht und umspielt Deine Füsse. Er ist so sehr lebendig wenn er Dir in die Nase steigt und an Dir vorbeirauscht wenn Du die Arme hebst! Lieber Freund, Du gehst im Himmel umher!" DGR

84,000 Teachings of the Dharma

Among the 84,000 teachings of the dharma, there are special ones that each of us needs the most. Perhaps that is not the easy one that is always with us and comes to mind, but another that is more challenging. Let us stretch our boundaries of what is dharma today! ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche~~~

"Unter den 84.000 Dharmalehren gibt es für jeden von uns ganz besondere, die wir am meisten brauchen. Vielleicht nicht die Einfache, die uns immer begleitet und sofort einfällt, sondern eine andere, die uns mehr herausfordert. Heute wollen wir unsere Grenzen dessen was Dharma ist ausdehnen!" DGR