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Strong, Sweet, Spiritual Feelings

"Strong and sweet feelings experienced in meditation change the way we feel about meditation, motivating us to do more so we can reinforce these wonderful feelings. Because of obstacles from this life and previous lives we also should work at developing a special kind of courage that is without anger or roughness that helps us to continue when the sweetness just not arrive!" ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche~~~

"Starke und süsse Gefühle, die wir während der Meditation erleben, verändern unser Gefühl zur Meditation und motivieren uns, mehr zu meditieren, damit wir diese wunderbaren Gefühle verstärken können. Aufgrund von Hindernissen aus diesem und aus vorigen Leben sollten wir auch daran arbeiten eine besondere Art von Mut zu entwickeln, der ohne Wut oder Rauhheit ist, und der uns hilft weiterzumachen, wenn sich das süsse Gefühl einfach nicht einstellen will!"- Domo Geshe Rinpoche---

Exactly What is it That You Want Now?

Are we clear as to the value of the goal, or have we become distracted by developing other skills that will only lead us back to further rebirth, instead of transformation with the special trajectory toward perfection? This is how we thought in Tibet about worldly goals and activities ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~

¿" estamos claros en cuanto al valor del objetivo, o nos hemos hecho distraídos desarrollando otras habilidades que sólo nos llevarán atrás al renacimiento adicional, en vez de la transformación con la trayectoria especial hacia la perfección? Esto es como pensamos en Tíbet en objetivos mundanos y actividades" ~ a Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~

"Sommes nous clair concernant les valeurs du but, ou avons nous été distrait en développant d'autres habilités qui ne nous ramènerons seulement qu'à d'autres renaissances, au lieu d'une transformation avec une trajectoire spéciale vers la perfection ? C'est ainsi que nous pensions au Tibet concernant les buts et …

How Did Christmas Go for You?

"For someone who meditates regularly on arising compassion, perhaps brain chemistry changes after a while. In the soup of relaxed hormones, luxurious new thoughts arise, as fear of not getting enough subsides" ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~~

"Bei jemandem, der regelmäßig über die Erzeugung von Mitgefühl meditiert, verändert sich vielleicht der chemische Prozess seines Gehirns nach einer Weile. In der Suppe entspannter Hormone entstehen luxuriöse neue Gedanken, während die Furcht davor, nicht genug zu bekommen nachlässt." - Domo Geshe Rinpoche ---

Using the Innate View As A Tool

"The guiding and sheltering care of correct use of the innate view, in the form of permissions to participate in human life, should be viewed and used as a delicate employment of principles. “By the power of compassion;” this is how the reincarnate lamas and other awakened benefit beings see their existence in this world. It then becomes like a ballet, a dance, or a theatrical play" ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~~

excerpt from Mystery of Emptiness & Love --Hermitage Publishing - available

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"La dirección y abrigar el cuidado del uso correcto de la vista innata, en la forma de permisos de participar en la vida humana, y deberían ser vistos y usados como un empleo delicado de principios. “Por el poder de compasión;” esto es como los lamas reencarnar y otros seres de ventaja despertados ven su existencia en este mundo. Entonces…

The Power of Prayer (part one)

Imagine in front of us a giant faceted diamond representing the Dharma in its entirety. It is filled with a special light that sparkles so much that we don't know quite what to think or have an opinion about it. Also imagine, if you can, that we as a group move to a particular window, a single facet of this enormous diamond. I invite you to gaze into that window with me, peering toward something in the center. We are looking at the core, which is the nature of reality, and we can do it by concentrating on a particular facet.

We are standing in front of the wonderful diamond window of dharma to explore for whatever amount of time that we are here together. Time is so valuable and scarce. You know the rubber bands around broccoli? I keep them because they are so substantial that they invite themselves to be kept, and yet I rarely reuse them. Why? Because when they're stretched, they're too strong. In a way you've been pulled away from other activities; our…

Thought for Tuesday (+ Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian) retranslations welcome!

" It is one thing to return home after a difficult day, nervous and upset and do a mind calming meditation. It is quite another thing to prepare the mind through yogic processes, checking and calming the mind. These are advanced methods for checking the quality and texture of your mind winds. If the mind is not careful, do not take what you think very seriously, folks. Alright? If my mind is disturbed, whatever I am thinking, I am not going to go with it. Just treat yourself like a patient. Give your self a nice cup of tea. Go take a bubble bath. But certainly do not think with a broken leg. You would not walk around with a broken leg, like that, do not think with a mind that is in a dysfunctional place. Certainly you are going to think, but do not take yourself so seriously. Alright?" ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche~~~

" Es una cosa de volver a casa después de un día difícil, nervioso y trastorno y hacer una meditación de calmando de mente. Es totalmente otra cosa de preparar la …

Thought for Monday (+ Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian) retranslations welcome!

"Everybody wants a miracle. When asked what they want for Christmas this year, they might answer "I would like to receive a box of chocolates," but actually, they want a miracle. We are shy to ask for miracles, perhaps we are even shy to think about the possibility of miracles. Maybe you think, 'Hey, miracles are for kids and I am all grown up now. We do not believe in those kinds of things…. but if one happened, I would willingly accept it…. but I am not really looking for a miracle.'" ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~

"Cada uno quiere un milagro. Cuando preguntado lo que ellos quieren durante la Navidad este año, ellos podrían contestar que "me gustaría recibir una caja de bombones," pero realmente, ellos quieren un milagro. Somos tímidos para pedir milagros, quizás somos hasta tímidos para pensar en la posibilidad de milagros. Tal vez piensas, 'Oye, los milagros son para niños y soy todo crecido ahora. No creemos en aquellas clases de cosas. pe…

Pretensions and Innocence

"Pretensions hold us back from total freedom of expression and on a deeper level... hold us away from the enlightened state. While examining the mind during meditation or at other times, due to false projections of who we are and other obstacles,  we might feel pleased to perceive ourselves as a theatrical being doing prayer and meditation. However, at this point, the meditation sadhana should have the good effect of directing our minds toward become guileless. There is an innocence that we strive for that is pure, genuine, and sincere. In that way, all difficulties fall away like dropping off a robe before getting into a bubble bath. We are completely unclothed in the light of healing, ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~

"Anmassungen halten uns von völliger Freiheit und vom erleuchteten Zustand zurück. Manchmal halten wir sie so dicht an uns, daß wir sie nicht einmal selbst sehen. Wenn wir unseren Geist erforschen, sind wir aufgrund falscher Projektionen und anderer Hindernisse vielle…