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Love Never Finds Peace

We are not happy because things are going so well, we are happy because it is our nature.I have observed that many forms of love can be described as a fluid state that seeks stability but does not find it. However, the lack of support for this state does not seem to damage or disturb it, but instead has a secondary state that finds that instability pleasurable, almost floating. Depending on the personality and the qualities of the person in general, there will be positive or other perceptions that cascade from this state that causes still other perceptions to arise. These might even include controlling behaviors, jealousy, or self-abnegation to gain favor of the object of their love that is learned.
As the mind continues to try to bond to an object, not only does it seek to know it, but desires or craves to be the subject of that love object. This continual pleasurable attempt should, however, never find satisfaction and must remain in that dynamic to sustain love feelings. (excerpt fr…

Dynamics of Mental Life

Many take Buddhist training who are not Buddhist, that produces a mixed result

Once a person understands the dynamics of mental life, a new form of evolutionary common sense will arise as Bodhichitta. This is the unstoppable desire to move away from self centered life. A characteristic of that person is someone who is extraordinarily bored with self fascination and finds others much more interesting. This will eventually culminate in a new life form; an awakened and enlightened being, here on Earth, perhaps right in your own town, in your very own house! ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~"Sobald ein Mensch die Funktionsweise des geistigen Lebens versteht, wird eine neue Form von evolutionärem gesunden Menschenverstand in ihm als Bodhichitta aufsteigen. Dies ist das unaufhaltbare Verlangen danach, sich vom selbstbezogenen Leben wegzuentwickeln. Eine Charakteristik dieser Person ist es, dass sie die Faszination mit sich selbst unerhört langweilig findet und andere für viel inter…

Buddhists Talking Rough

Be kind!

Among the ten non-virtues is harmful speech. This vow to avoid it is implicit in refuge/bodhichitta vows; to make effort to become enlightened so that we can become capable of benefiting all living beings. Therefor it violates our Buddhist refuge vows to use harmful speech. Vows in general, are meant to help keep us from harming others and ourselves. They are not there to cramp our style.
It is said that the vows taken to avoid harmful speech are broken like pouring rain for the unawakened, so don’t feel too guilty if you slip. By working hard to get it down to a small rain shower, you are doing well. Some, who work at it very carefully, rarely use harmful speech. ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~
""Eine der zehn nicht-tugendhaften Handlungen ist schädliche Rede. Das Gelübde sie zu vermeiden ist im Zufluchts- und Bodhichittagelübde mit eingeschlossen; sich anzustrengen, die Erleuchtung zu erlangen, damit wir fähig werden allen lebenden Wesen zu nutzen. Desha…

Children are Tomorrows Buddhist Saints

For difficulties, ask your lama for help and advice

I have students in their 70’s and 80’s and others of different generations who are presently practicing Buddhism sincerely in accord with what they can tolerate culturally. There are also young people; still children, and even others not yet born who will become students. These youngsters of a new generation will have a different relationship to their world and different ways of thinking than those practicing today.
For example; many young people are attracted to video games, something that older generations find difficult to follow or find at all interesting. This fast paced mentality can be used in the understanding of untiring enthusiasm toward the awakened state. Whatever the Buddhists of the future might be like, their contemporary interests and attitudes will be matched with contemporary dharma to lead them into wishing to develop deeper values. We already see how much plain speaking is appreciated by modern Buddhi…

Blessing Like Sea Soaked Sand

Tibetan prayer flags... greeting cards of the gods!

The sea will first soak the sand of the beach, testing it with sea waves in preparation for high tide. Like that, a good meditator will become "soaked" with blessings in preparation for the event of awakening! ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~

""Das Meer durchnässt zuerst den Sand des Strandes und tested ihn mit seinen Wellen als Vorbereitung auf die Flut. So wird sich auch ein guter Meditierer mit Segnungen 'durchtränken', als Vorbereitung auf das Ereignis des Erwachens!" - Dom Geshe Rinpoche ---"

Burnout is a painful yet depressing experience. In deeper burnout, the inner anxiety struggles with the life force energy that cannot be roused to function but is harassed to complete and debilitating exhaustion. The many burnout symptoms are similar for a healer, someone who works for a bank, or someone who works for them self. However, if you are burned out because you have a terrible boss and then reme…

Tantric Group Meditations

Nothing so restful as meditation... ok, sometimes too restful!

Tantric group meditations are different than most invitations to join in spiritual groups because of the consecrated permission; receiving initiation into a particular practice. That is activated by the mantra, a personal commitment to practice steadily and the initiation process. These are the keys that will cause dramatic change, a directed transformation for those who practice sincerely.
Without having those elements, others who are present can meditate with their own practice while sitting in community of Tantric spiritual practitioners. Even those in the same sangha or community do not recite the practice of a deity that has not been given in initiation. The uninitiated are also welcome to experience and be inspired by the energies of those who are reciting and activating their tantric practice while they are in community. ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~
"Tantrische Gruppenmeditation unterscheidet sich von d…

Reaching the Absolute State Now!

Live in a way that you will have no regrets

To consider that we can encounter absolute reality/truth while in human form is to lower the bar of the absolute! This would be no different than a new form called Buddhist permanentism. Sadly, each religion solidifies around one or another concept, decaying its responsibility for holding the teachings that awaken. So far, our tradition, and especially the Madhamika Prasangika, vigorously holds the door open. ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~
""Zu denken, dass wir der absoluten Realität/Wahrheit begegnen können solange wir in menschlicher Gestalt sind, würde bedeuten, dass man die Grenze des Absoluten herabsetzt! Dies wäre nichts anderes als eine neue Form, die sich buddhistischer Permanentismus nennt. Leider verhärten sich alle Religionen um dies oder jenes Konzept herum, wodurch ihre Verantwortung für die Aufrechterhaltung der Lehren, die zum Erwachen führen, verfällt. Bis jetzt hält unsere Tradition (und besonders die Mady…

Time and TIME

Pre-tension = the difficulty instigated by a foolish display of self cherishing just prior to the stress and trouble we will soon experience as the result

Ordinary mind craves organization by using perceptual time as a guide. This need to stabilize perceptions in general is further influenced by mutual human realm agreements to break up life into distinct modules such as hours, minutes, past and future.
If we believe that to be time, we miss the real experience of our own presence in our life! Perceptual time is like a sheen of oil on water. We are influenced to only see a rainbow like covering. Real time is only NOW, the only time we are actually alive is now. ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~
""Der gewöhnliche Geist sehnt sich nach Ordnung und benutzt dafür die Zeitwahrnehmung als Orientierung. Dieses Bedürfnis Wahrnehmungen im Allgemeinen zu stabilisieren wird darüberhinaus von gegenseitigen Übereinkommen im menschlichen Bereich beeinflusst, die das Leben in klare Einhe…

Video -- The Kindness of Buddha Green Tara


A Case of Excessive Identity

Be incapable of being an enemy to your enemy!

Humans easily become caught up by excessive identity! Our nominal identity as an American, Tibetan, German and so forth impinges on our mental freedom! Even though we carry identity papers and support our respective countries, we should, in our own estimation, consider ourselves responsible world citizens. Let's support the needs of all on Earth from that mental standpoint.
This will prepare us for an even more vast consideration; all living beings everywhere, deserve our care. Next, we dedicate our lives to becoming capable of benefiting all living beings everywhere, without considering only some as near and valuable. ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~
(Photo is 4 harmonious brothers, an example of co-operative life) ~~~
""Menschen können leicht von einer übersteigerten Identität gefangen genommen werden! Unsere namentliche Identität als Amerikaner, Tibeter, Deutsche usw. beeinflusst unsere geistige Freiheit! Obwohl wir Ausw…

No One Was Born to Suffer

Enjoy sports but don't harm others! (Happy Super Bowl day 2011)

Although the world often seems to indicate otherwise, nobody is born to suffer. No one was ever meant to suffer in the slightest! No one is born here as a punishment: powerless, helpless, or sick in mind and body. This world is meant to be a very special kind of training ground for growth.
Inside you is the real you that is the temporary life force resident of this world. Your valuable purpose here is to learn how to be of benefit to others, as well as to strengthen your own spiritual core muscles for further inner development. From now on, we should take our suffering less seriously! Let’s return to learning and stop feeling so bad; it’s all a big misunderstanding, and will be corrected eventually. ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~""Obwohl es auf dieser Welt oft anders erscheint , wurde doch niemand geboren, um zu leiden. Niemand sollte hier jemals auch nur das geringste bisschen leiden! Niemand …

Obstacles that Haunt from Previous Lives

Let's get along with others... one of the great two reasons to be here.

Everyone has glaring negative karmic imprints needing closure and/or positive karmic imprints from holy practices instigated before this lifetime, which need to be culminated. These will be your major life issues; obstacles haunting you or holy inner work that needs the focused attention brought together of your life force, mental acuity and inner being. Although karmic compulsions or compulsory activity arises from your more subtle archives, your human mind will interpret these signals and compulsions in unique and sometimes painful ways.
A high quality practice, such as found within Tibetan Buddhism, can clarify your understanding of karmic obstacles, which are presently causing much of your suffering. Buddhism was structured as an comprehensive program of change developed by Lord Buddha that offers more than enlightenment. The preparations for transformation will heal the obstacles causing near…