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How to Remember Buddhist Teachings

While attending a teaching retreat, at times in private meditation you might find yourself reflecting on the important points of the teaching instead of the sadhana recitation. It is correct to diverge from the recitation for a short time, so that the lamas instructions and advice becomes integrated into the mind.
To gain best results, think about the teaching just after it is finished, without chatting about unimportant subjects with others. Review it after a few hours, then again bring the important points to mind the next day by looking at notes, discussing it with other students and asking questions to clarify your understanding. This is the way the mind operates naturally to gain firm understanding of any subject. In this way we train the mind toward beneficial subjects and overcome our obsession with unhappy issues. ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~
"Wenn Du an einem Retreat mit Unterweisungen teilnimmst kann es vorkommen, dass Du manchmal während Deiner eigenen Medi…

A Knife and a Mind Should be Sharp

A knife and a mind should be kept sharp. One is honed to a cutting edge by wearing it down by abrasion. The other is increasingly sharpened by using logic, reason and compassion. A dull knife is due to too much use, but a dull mind is due to too little use. ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~
""Man sollte Messer und den Geist immer scharf halten. Ersteres wird durch Abschleifen auf den schärfsten Stand gebracht. Der Geist wird immer schärfer durch den Einsatz von Logik, Vernunft und Mitgefühl. Ein Messer wird durch zu viel Gebrauch stumpf, aber ein Geist durch zu wenig." - Domo Geshe Rinpoche ---

Open the Door for Others

Many practitioners seek opportunities to help; without wandering aimlessly, they are alert for ways to benefit others such as introducing them to the dharma. This sense of purpose brings great joy; looking for who might need a spiritual door opened and then rushing to do it. This happens out of our own deep respect for the dharma.
Would you open the door for others to enter the Buddhist tradition? Some Buddhists might hold a door open for certain people, but not for others. If someone is well dressed, appears educated, or conversely, looks like they are not very clever, would you lend a hand by holding the door open for all of them? Luckily, someone opened the door for us. ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~

""Viele Übende suchen nach Gelegenheiten, um anderen zu helfen; ohne ziellos umherzuwandern, sind sie wach für Möglichkeiten, anderen etwas Gutes zu tun, wie z. B. sie mit dem Dharma bekannt zu machen. Diese Art von Zielstrebigkeit bringt uns viel Freude; das Suchen nach Jemandem, de…

Free Podcast Creating Positive Change

Newest free podcast: Creating Positive Change. about 1.5 hours
"There are both benefits and drawbacks of living in the past. What holds you in a painful pattern? Learn how to break that pattern." Change is inevitable, so be proactive ...about it.

Buddhism leads Us to a Big Nothingness?

A commonly held view is that the goal of Buddhism is to induce in you a state of nothingness. Most Buddhists have heard that this world is a kind of dream, but it is actually nothing at all. Many also believe a rather contradictory view that Buddhism describes enlightenment as great wisdom and compassion, and you will become awakened to that. What exactly is this thing that you will awaken to, or will you simply wake up to a big nothing?! Since you are probably not willing to give up what you have, (dreamlike or not), for nothing at all, therefore there must be something else that the Buddha meant. ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~~

"Es ist eine verbreitete Ansicht, dass es das Ziel des Buddhismus sei, Dich in einen Zustand des Nichts zu versetzen. Die meisten Buddhisten haben davon gehört, dass diese Welt eine Art Traum sei, aber in Wirklichkeit garnichts. Viele glauben auch an die ziemlich entgegengesetzte Ansicht, dass der Buddhismus die Erleuchtung als große Weisheit und Mitgefühl besc…

Norbu Retreat House Construction In Central Wisconsin

Just returned from Norbu Retreat House construction site with Rinda (who is beginning a one month retreat tomorrow), Alex and Tsering. Sealer is now on the outside foundation walls and much dirt has been returned to cover part of the foundation. Most of the rough plumbing is done and the concrete fellows were hard at work, leveling gravel getting ready for more concrete for the floor.
Let's mimic a great construction job by preparing the foundation for enlightenment: daily meditation, active compassion and kindness toward others. ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~
"Bin gerade von der Baustelle von Norbu Retreat House mit Rinda, (die morgen ein einmonatiges Retreat beginnt), Alex und Tsering zurückgekehrt. Die äußeren Fundamente sind jetzt versiegelt und die Erde ist wieder aufgefüllt worden, um einen Teil des Fundaments zu bedecken. Die gröbsten Klempnerarbeiten sind erledigt und die Zementjungs haben hart gearbeitet und den Kies geebnet, damit morgen mehr Beton auf den Bod…

End Of Life Training for Hospice and Meditators Video

Doing Nothing All Day Style of Meditation

A well-known story about a famous Tibetan Geshe saint; it was said that he appeared to do nothing all day and all night. However, others could occasionally hear him shouting in his room. They asked him, “What do you do all alone in your room? We don’t hear any prayers or chanting like the other monks.”
He replied with great conviction, “All day long, I watch my mind. When I see the thief of wrong view coming into my mind, I mentally take my sword of discrimination and plunge it deep into the obstacle!” He had no patience at all, with what would steal his mental balance. ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~

"Eine bekannte Geschichte über einen berühmten tibetischen heiligen Geshe besagt: Es schien als ob er den ganzen Tag und die Nacht über nichts tue. Man konnte ihn jedoch manchmal in seinem Zimmer schreien hören. Er wurde gefragt: 'Was macht Du ganz allein in Deinem Zimmer? Wir hören Dich nicht beten oder singen wie die anderen Mönche.'
Er antwortete voller Überzeugung: 'Ich beobac…

Tantric Refuge: A Complete Guidance System

Tantric refuge in the Guru, Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha is a complete guidance system set up in the tantric pure realms so that we can perfect the deity practice we have begun in the human realm. We will begin to trust enlightened beings and eventually hold common values such as compassion and deeper understanding.
Even in ordinary life we need some on-the-spot guidance when we need to get somewhere quickly and efficiently, such as a GPS. It knows where it is, where it is going, has a nice voice, speaks your language perfectly; all with the purpose of facilitating easy arrival at your destination. Like that, refuge becomes our spiritual GPS! ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~
"Die tantrische Zufluchtnahme zum Guru, zum Buddha, Dharma und Sangha ist ein vollständiges Führungssystem, das in den tantrischen reinen Bereichen geschaffen wurde, damit wir die Gottheitspraxis, die wir im menschlichen Bereich begonnen haben, vervollkommnen können. Wir werden damit beginnen, erleuchte…

Short Video on Wordless Grasping

Buddhist Inspirational Quotations on Emptiness, Flying Sages and Friendship


How Tantric Commentary Helps Meditation Practice

We discuss the reproducible dynamics of a correct Tantric meditation practice, which uses a sadhana or blessed recitation with visualizations, by first listening to the commentary on the practice, and after practicing for a while, asking the mentor questions. The general commentary teaching discussion alerts us to the transformative steps in the process of awakening, so that we can see how the dynamics occur and facilitate them.
Short sadhanas have the interconnected dynamics, but in more of a code form, coming and going quickly. In a way, no one should to do a short Tantric practice until they have perfected the long practice of the same deity by extensive practice of the dynamics.
Well, after having said that, I know that you probably don’t have enough time. Therefore, do the short and medium sadhanas as mindfully as possible, receive commentary on your specific practice and meditate on the various points until deep realizations are experienced regarding the holy dynam…