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Thought for Saturday on individuality (read in Eng,Sp,Fre,Ger,Ital)

"A basic feature of the innate view, a kind of hypnotic programming, causes us to believe that we are distinct from others and is either a problem or a good thing. It gives rise to a sense of individuality, which does not exist in higher functioning ways of being. Unless there is mental dysfunction, it is not possible to believe that while eating, we do not know whether we are putting the food in our own mouth or in the mouth of the person next to us, isn't that so? A healthy person knows they have a body and a mind separate from others. Well, not always, because sometimes people can understand unspoken intentions, so mental functions are a little leaky to hold complete privacy. However, regarding bodies and our mind-body, we are not so leaky. We understand very well about "me" and "other."
The problem is overcoming basic selfishness, which runs like a dye through white cloth, coloring our thinking regarding who is the most important person in this world. M…

Buddha was a Nirmanakaya Body Emanation

"Buddha Shakyamuni was a true nirmanakaya, which means that he actually was not there as ordinary people are present. He was an appearance. This does not mean that he did not have a mental presence or a physical body. A body/mind always depends upon identity and arises from various levels of pre manifestation into form. At the time of the Buddhas enlightenment, there were stages that had to be penetrated, but during and after the time of his enlightenment, while awakening, his identity was already very little tied to the physical due to his nature and preparation. This is what made the Buddha capable to literally throw off energetic oppression of the innate view. This is what politically oppressed peoples rarely do as individuals, but can do as a group, throwing off oppression, even if it means the end of their civilization in the struggle for freedom. They will not tolerate it. They do not accept." ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~

"Buda Shakyamuni fue un Nirmanakaya cierto, lo …

What are your Supporting Beliefs?

"I believe that this world is a good place to live, grow and learn. In this, my new life, I have traveled to many places in the world, both to learn more about the world and teach Buddhism where I am invited.
I have trust in the Buddha, the dharma and the Sangha, seeing that it is not only valid in all places and in all times but also transcends culture. Even in my dreams, I have reliance in the triple gem, waking in the morning with a loving full heart.
The answer to every important question is bodhicitta, the great compassionate mind that holds others dear. This is true even though phenomena, including living beings, are empty of inherent existence, impermanent and dreamlike in illusory appearance in comparison to reality.
What are your beliefs and values that support your practice?" ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche~~~

""Es ist meine Überzeugung, dass diese Welt ein guter Ort ist um zu leben, zu wachsen und zu lernen. In diesem meinem neuen Leben bin ich an viele Orte der Wel…

Thought for Wednesday on Tulkus (read in Eng,Sp,Fre,Ger,Ital)

"Tulku means reborn or reincarnated one of a previous lama of a specific inner and outer lineage. There are four main methods that create Rinpoches. Some Rinpoches today are not tulkus but are blessed into the memories of a previous lama by a realized lama that knew the previous one. This is not an authentic tulku arisal but is quite unusual these days. There are those who are given a special mind transmission of another lama and then told they are such and such a name but there is actually not any connection between the child and the previous. This is also not a tulku. There are others who are little more than strategic political appointees. Perhaps the parents are wealthy and can support the monastery or are wishing to have status as parents of a Rinpoche. There are many political type appointees.

An authentic arisal comes from interior lineage of a particular lama, from the actual abode of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas connected to that previous. These tulkus can arise in any fo…

Looking for Inspiration in Our Own Practice

There are ups and downs in how we feel while practicing meaningful change. If we observe what works well, we have great joy and feel inspired to go on and stabilize new perceptions with new found methods. It is equally important to discover what does not work when we experience or cause suffering by using old strategies that separate us from virtuous goals or feel that we are plagued by bad luck. If we seek only positive reinforcement, then it is not easy to do good practice, because we again become tight and clenched, wanting to only receive happiness in our learning process. In the open space of correct practice, whatever experiences that come, positive or negative, teach us about virtue. Only then can we really think that we have a good Buddhist practice ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~

Wenn wir durch unsere Praxis bedeutungsvollen Wandel anstreben verspüren wir dabei Höhen und Tiefen. Wenn wir beobachten was gut funktioniert, erleben wir große Freude und fühlen uns inspiriert, um weit…

Wolflike Impatience

"Our intellect has not become correctly alerted to our own impatience up to this point. We have observed that nearly everyone is impatient, and so, it has become an okay thing to do as long as we do not do it excessively. We have also learned that if we display impatience, others will stop annoying us. However, this is very attached to animal realm strategies, and impatience toward others is no different than a wolf showing its teeth. We might hope that will frighten others sufficiently from doing this naughty thing that they are about to do. We could even scare our self inside by showing wolf teeth to our self, and even frighten our self away from manifest displays of impatience, but we still do not yet have energetic revulsion toward impatience.
For example, if you had a large pustule that was sort of hanging off your neck, and every time you moved, it hurt. I do not know how patient you would be toward that pustule growing. In that way, if we see impatience like an infection t…

Tibetan Symbols and Inner Realities

Most Buddhist symbols in our world have deeper meanings such as dorje or bell, eternal knot and traditional auspicious designs. Part of your inner mind structure is already attuned to a more symbolic language even if uncultivated toward the awakening state. Perhaps you you have seen, in a vivid dream or even in waking life, a triangle or circle, or another compelling symbolic form hanging in the air, almost hypnotically holding your attention.
We cultivate and use seed letters extensively in Tibetan tantric practice. We deliberately attune to that developing inner mind of the symbolic realm strongly, but you do not have to be Buddhist to have that inner, more subtle mind already alert. In other words, it is a world of form, but very unlike the world of form in which you exist in the human realm. There are many symbolic form subtle expressions, even mathematical. Have you seem the mathematical world? It is very interesting." ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~

"La mayoría de los símbolos …