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Thought for Saturday on Butterfly Joy (read in Eng,Sp,Fr,Ger,It)

Only when we arrive at the stage where refuge is faith in the Buddha, can we feel freed from the burden of worldly oppression. It will feel as if we are sitting in an atmosphere with butterflies of all kinds flitting around us. With our eyes and heart lit up, we finally feel that everything is more than okay. That is the kind of faith knowing that we reside in the safety of refuge with the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. Now, we are experiencing the results of our first cause refuge as a rescue, as safety, which becomes the second cause for refuge; faith and joy!

Only in this environment can we experience a new view of the tendrel or interactions with the energy of the world and our place in it, becoming the natural environment of the Dharma. We become butterfly keepers, and our mental world is the living Dharma. By achieving refuges of safety and faith, we feel open enough to allow and welcome the teachings of the Buddha, the living path to perfection, to be part of our life. Even those of…

The Buddha's Living Inner Lineage

If we think that the Buddha is still alive in this world, then his continued existence is due to his alignments with the inner lineage of his awakening. This comes from Vajradhara, primordial buddha, up to Shakyamuni Buddha. It continued through the various rivers, streams and rivulets of living transmission from which arose important sharing of transformation guidance. The nodes of lineage are not the names of the lineage but the living transmissions from guidance beings. The sub religions of the traditions have the same function as religions, to create the outer structure to preserve the teachings of transformation such as education and providing places to live such as monasteries and nunneries. There is no Mr. Nyingma, Mr. Gelug, or Mr. Rime! From time to time, great inner beings bring together streams of living transmissions with great effort, into a new inner form to heal any errors in the preservation by strengthening and integrating through inner alliances or unions of living t…

Three Keys Of Buddhism: Refuge, Altruism and Emptiness

Buddhism has three keys or principles- refuge, altruism and emptiness.
Refuge has three objects; The Buddha, Dharma and Sangha, and three levels; fear of the lower realms, faith and altruism.
The Buddha can mean relying on the historical Buddha Shakyamuni, the world teacher whose teachings are still being followed or relying on the awakened state, the meaning of buddha.
The Dharma can mean relying on the teachings of the Buddha and other awakened ones, or relying on the path of righteousness and correct behavior.
The Sangha can mean relying on the enlightened beings that have arisen to that exalted state by following and achieving the transformation, or relying on the ordinary practitioners of Buddhism. Generally, that is fully ordained monastics, but it also has come to mean in the West, the lay practitioners of a Buddhist community.
Altruism, or bodhichitta, is of two main types, aspiring and engaging. Aspiring bodhichitta is a preparation stage of using logic, motivation and keen o…

Buddhist Ballast

Several years ago, while  in Bangkok, I was taken to visit the magnificent Emerald Palace in the royal compound of the king of Thailand. There I saw many beautiful stone and marble statues of heroic warriors, 12 to 20 feet tall. Because they looked Chinese I asked how these statues came to Bangkok? My Thai friend kindly explained that many hundreds of years ago, in the early days of shipping, Siamese merchants would go by boat bringing goods to China. They would unload their cargo, but if they returned to Siam empty, the winds and waves would knock them over, sinking their ships, so they needed ballast. They could have just taken any big rocks, but instead they carried back these very heavy carved statues of Chinese heroes as ballast to sell to wealthy Siamese people.
Like that, in the wind and storms of life we need ballast inside, a heavy, safe feeling of our refuge in The Buddha to steady us! I could say the Three Precious Jewels; Buddha, Dharma and Sangha, but I want to focus here …

Philosophy and Plumbing

Philosophy and psychology tell us why we do the things we do, religion tells us to do them better, and plumbers create interim solutions for more happiness and ways for suffering to be reduced. Domo Geshe Rinpoche

"Die Philosophie und die Psychologie erklären uns, warum wir tun, was wir tun. Die Religion erklärt uns, wie wir es besser tun können. Und Klempner schaffen einstweilen Lösungen für mehr Glück und Wege, das Leiden zu reduzieren." Domo Geshe Rinpoche"

Identity Work

From where does the busyness of maintaining identity arise? How much of identity is family pressure, peer pressure or desire to please bosses or potential intimates? Tantric Buddhism takes that human need and binds it to higher functioning identity with deity through the initiation process and daily meditation training... like a fine tai chi of the mind. If it is done skillfully, values improve and no dysfuctional pride arises. DGR

„Woher stammt die Geschäftigkeit, die wir entwickeln, um unsere Identität zu bewahren? Ein wie großer Teil unserer Identität entsteht durch Druck aus der Familie und von Gleichaltrigen oder durch den Wunsch, Vorgesetzten oder potenziellen Partnern zu gefallen? Durch den Einweihungsprozess und tägliche Meditationsübung bindet der tantrische Buddhismus menschliche Bedürfnisse an eine höher funktionierende Identifizierung mit der Gottheit an...dies ist wie ein feines geistiges Tai Chi. Wenn dies auf geschickte Weise geschieht verbessern sich die inneren Wer…

Helplessly You

In accordance with previous actions your karma has ripened into denser manifestation. In addition, your hidden and potential karma acts as support structure for the manifest body, speech and mind that is you. In other words, you are helplessly arising as you! That might please or displease you, either way, that is your current basis for gaining development. Buddhism is more practical than you might think and does not work from a fantasy position to prepare for enlightenment! Domo Geshe Rinpoche

Dein Karma ist in Übereinstimmung mit Deinen früheren Handlungen zu einer dichteren Manifestation herangereift. Außerdem agiert Dein verborgenes und potentielles Karma als unterstützende Struktur für den manifestierten Körper, die Rede und den Geist, die Dich ausmachen. Mit anderen Worten gesagt, entstehst Du völlig machtlos als Du Selbst! Egal ob Dir das angenehm oder unangenehm ist - es ist jedenfalls Deine augenblickliche Basis, um Dich weiter zu entwickeln. Der Buddhismus ist praktischer…

Calm and Happiness

Like the surface of the ocean, the mind, although of one nature, arises in distinct appearances. We can see that when the ocean is calm, we feel safe, but when it roils and tosses us, we become afraid. Like this, our states of mind are untrustworthy because they keep changing. This is the form of change that we experience as suffering due to unreliable states of calm and happiness. ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche

"Wie die Oberfläcje des Ozeans nimmt der Geist ganz verschiedene Formen an, obwohl er nur eine Natur hat. Wir sehen, daß wir uns sicher fühlen wenn der Ozean ruhig ist, aber daß wir Angst bekommen wenn er in Aufruhr ist und uns umherwirft. Und so können wir unseren Geisteszuständen nicht vertrauen da sie sich ständig verändern. Diese Form der Veränderung, die auf unzuverlässigen Geisteszuständen der Ruhe und des Glücks basiert, erleben wir als Leiden." DGR

The Ember

Within deepest calm and gentle certitude lies the ember waiting for the evening breeze. DGR

"In der tiefsten Ruhe und der sanftesten Gewissheit liegen glühende Kohlen und erwarten die Abendbrise." DGR