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Humans are Pretty Much Alike!

All suffering beings are caught in a vortex of deep confusion regarding their true identity and will arise in one perceptual realm or another. This will be dependent on how similar they are in their confusion to others in that place and will experience a shared world, even though personal points of view can be very different from each other. This is how the separation of the six samsaric realms exist; living beings arising in varieties of misunderstandings regarding how they actually exist, will enter into generalized causes and effects that will continue to hold them to a particular realm, such as the human realm. Awakening from that confusion immediately exhausts their capacity to live in that realm, which is now closed to them for future rebirths caused by confusion. This is an evolutionary perceptual journey.~DGR ~~~

""Alle leidenden Wesen sind in einem Strudel tiefer Verwirrung gefangen was ihre wahre Identität betrifft und sie werden deshalb in diesem oder jenem Wahrneh…

Article on Traveling as a Tourist or as a Pilgrim


Happiness at All Cost!

How sad to demand to be happy!
How far will you go to get it, keep it, and prevent it from departing; experiencing greed, followed by disappointment and unhappiness?
This is the suffering of giving into the senses that directly cause failure to gain satisfaction, thereby creating future unfulfilled rebirths.
However,a mind of satisfaction does not grasp after happiness itself, there is a better way to experience freedom. Reduce craving for worldly happiness. ~DGR ~~~

""Wie traurig es ist, wenn man Anspruch aufs Glücklichsein erhebt!
Wie weit wirst Du gehen, um es zu kriegen, es zu behalten und am Fortgehen zu hindern; während Du Gier, gefolgt von Enttäuschung und Unglücklichsein, erlebst?
Dies ist das Leid, das entsteht wenn man den Sinnen folgt, welches direkt verursacht, dass es misslingt Befriedigung zu erfahren und dadurch zukünftige, unerfüllte Wiedergeburten erzeugt.
Dagegen greift der Geist der Befriedigung nicht nach dem Glück an sich - es gibt einen besseren Weg, die Freih…

Be a Bridge, a Broken Watch and a Half Filled Glass

To care for others, be a bridge, a broken watch and a half full glass.
Be a bridge that connects your heart to theirs, so they do not need to shout over the chasm that separates you.
Be a broken watch, not caring how long it will take..
Be the half full glass, a source of optimism and hope.
With these qualities, you will be a treasure of beneficial actions, making life meaningful for both yourself and others. ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~

""Sei eine Brücke um für andere zu sorgen, eine zerbrochene Uhr, ein halb volles Glas.
Sei eine Brücke, die Dein Herz mit ihrem verbindet, damit Du nicht laut über die Schlucht rufen musst, die Euch trennt.
Sei eine zerbrochene Uhr, der egal ist, wie lange es dauert..
Sei ein halb volles Glas, eine Quelle des Optimismus und der Hoffnung.
Mit diesen Eigenschaften wirst Du ein Schatz an wohltuenden Handlungen sein und das Leben für Dich und andere bedeutungsvoll machen." - Domo Geshe Rinpoche ---

Justification for War

The justification for war is the same as the justification for peace: to end suffering. ~DGR ~~~
""Die Rechtfertigung für Krieg ist dieselbe wie die Rechtfertigung für den Frieden: das Leiden zu beenden." -DGR---"

Thoughts on Honesty, Reflection and Doing Good

One kind of cogitation meditation is to ask yourself a question that calls for an inner answer rather than thinking of an answer. A good example of this inquiry might be, “Who was I before this life?” Close your eyes for a short time and ask yourself even though you can see that it is not easily answered. To do an in depth inquiry meditation, it is good to have seclusion. You might want a more undisturbed, peace and quiet to just sit with the question “Who was I before this lifetime?”

Another question we can ask ourselves silently is, “Who will I be after this life is finished?” Because these are compelling and important questions, we should not consider this the end of inquiry but only a starting point. I hope that soon you will find time to sit quietly in a comfortable chair to think, or go to the seaside, look out on the ocean, relax and cogitate. ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~

""Es gibt eine Art des meditativen Nachdenkens, wobei Du Dir selber eine Frage stellst, die eine innere…

Free Podcast Buddhist Teachings

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Unexhausted Equanimity

Equanimity is like owning a powerful flashlight and patience is its working function. However, the power of true equanimity is greater in scope and and remains unexhausted by patience ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~

"Gleichmut ist als ob man eine kraftvolle Taschenlampe besitzt und Geduld ist ihre Ar...beitsfunktion. Allerdings ist die Kraft des wahren Gleichmuts von größerer Reichweite und wird nicht durch die Geduld erschöpft." - Domo Geshe Rinpoche ---

Money, Flirting and Sports have Something in Common

Money is a poor use of personal power!~~~
Flirting is a poor use of eye contact!~~~
Sports are a poor use of adrenalin! ~DGR~~~~~~

Regarding money: What we have been working toward developing over many lifetimes; our capacities and strength of character, should not be sold away for only money!~~~

Regarding flirting: The eyes are the window of the inner life; what we have developed with great effort for a very long time. It has become inappropriately trained and then harnessed to be a willing slave on the auction block of desire. Inner life is much too valuable.~~~
In addition,there is great benefit by seeing others as valuable because that dynamic is without personal agenda. Viewing, enticing and finally using others to serve our own desires and gratification is not as good a use of our inner eye. Its function is to connect with the world around us to learn how to get along with others, not use them!~~~

Regarding sports: What we have developed over a great length of time; our compassion and…

We Will Never Meet Ourself

We will never meet ourself, the very thing we hope to achieve; really truly and deeply knowing ourself! By the time we are capable of that inquiry, we will not be ourself anymore! ~DGR~~~

Overcoming Mental Illness by Buddhist Meditation

Regulating the internal winds are another method of dealing with the unruly mind. Calming the inner winds will have a direct effect of quieting the mind. From the disorientation of a sneeze to a dizzy attack to full blown mental disorders; all these and more are in the spectrum of wind disturbances. Regular daily quality meditation will not only eventually calm the winds to silence the "monkey mind" but makes the mind pliable and capable of correct development. ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~~

""Die inneren Winde zu regulieren ist eine weitere Methode, um mit dem widerspenstigen Geist umzugehen. Die direkte Folge des Besänftigens der inneren Winde wird die Beruhigung des Geists sein. Das Spektrum der Störungen der Winde reicht von der Desorientierung beim Niesen über Schwindelanfälle bis zu ausgewachsenen Geisteskrankheiten. Regelmäßige tägliche Meditation wird die Winde schließlich nicht nur besänftigen damit der 'Affengeist' ruhig wird, sondern der Geist wird dur…

What does retreat do for us?

Today is the 16th and final day of White Conch summer retreat. A day of teaching on stabilizing realizations and steadying energies to return to work tomorrow for many, meditation, prayers of dedication and thanks, celebration, taking down of tents and cleaning retreat items for the next retreat. There are also a number of people continuing retreat who will see the others off to a safe journey. Although nothing moves, and all occurs within perfection itself, we act with full joy and dedication to achieve our many spiritual goals. "The sons (and daughters) of the Buddha all practice this way" ... Good morning from the Hermitage! ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~~

"Heute ist der 16. und letzte Tag des White Conch Sommerretreats. Ein Tag um Einsichten zu stabilisieren und für viele, die morgen an die Arbeit zurückkehren um Energien auszubalancieren, Meditation, Widmungsgebete und Danksagung, Feiern, Zelte abbauen und Retreatgegenstände für das nächste Mal reinigen. Einige Leute ble…

Symbols: Our Cue to Stop Thinking!

Symbols are wordless cues for departure from the confines of the mental universe. If a spiritual symbol relates only to an intellectual construct, one has only a partial meaning. To do in a more comprehensive manner, after processing that meaning in a more abstract method, awareness then returns to the mental world with an expanded version of that meaning, which can be integrated into the mind. To the extent that our minds are a prepared and functioning partner of accessing deeper meaning, to that extent wisdom is alive in us. ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~~

""Symbole sind wortlose Schlüssel, um die Begrenzung des geistigen Universums zu verlassen. Wenn ein spirituelles Symbol sich nur auf ein intellektuelles Gebilde bezieht hat es nur eine teilweise Bedeutung. Um ausführlicher zu sein verarbeitet das Bewusstsein die Bedeutung auf abstraktere Weise und kehrt dann mit einer erweiterten Version der Bedeutung, die in den Geist integriert werden kann, in die geistige Welt zurück. Weish…