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Love without Attachment

Develop love without attachment to get the full experience. ~DGR ~~~
""Entwickle Liebe ohne Anhaftung, um das volle Erlebnis zu erhalten." DGR"

Thought for Saturday on Healing Motivation (read in Eng,Sp,Fr,Ger,It)

From where does extraordinary motivation arise; the one that wishes to heal others? Whether trying to heal others or ourselves, the most effective method of connecting to healing energies is developing altruistic great compassion, the foundation of healing itself. Naturally, if a person is not well, they have an active and involved interest in healing from the viewpoint of a patient. However, there are others who want to understand energetic healing out of a sense of curiosity. By wishing to spiritually realize the mystical incantations that some healers use, feel the laying on of hands; they can sense that something magical is happening that feels good. Still others have a more pragmatic view, adding energetic healing to the creation of causes and conditions for healing to arise in harmony with allopathic medicine.

Due to karma from previous actions ripening, some people will be the patient, some will be the spiritual sensualists, and others will dive into wishing to help others. Each…

Becoming the Next Buddha

Even now, there are great spiritual beings that have already achieved the enlightened and awakened state repeatedly by myriad methods of enlightenment but continue to practice hard. Each one is rushing in their practice in order to participate and be part of the next world teacher, who will be born as a human being and called Maitreya. That Buddha will not be a single person but will come from the vast compassion of many evolved beings. Among serious practitioners, there is still time to develop the qualities to be part of the great story: the activities of the coming world teacher Buddha. Even among those of you who are reading this … who knows which of you might be named Maitreya in the future.
For those who are in the process of purifying themselves by sincere Dharma service, preparation for transformation will go quickly. Even that goof ball person cutting grass or serving lunches at the dharma center, the one that you thing doesn’t have a chance of enlightenment…

Buddhism and Christianity are Quite Similar!

Heaven and the pure lands are the same kind of place. Praying to be reborn in Amitaba Buddhas pure land or God of the Christians heaven is pretty much the same. A bit more exotic perhaps... The difference is that Christianity is based on the ultimate reality of God and the unreality of all else by comparison. Buddhism says even God and the pure realm heavens are illusory, and there are deeper levels to be penetrated. In practical application, however, they operate in very similar ways. Practice virtue, meditate, love others, be kind and rely solely on God/Amitabha in order to be saved. ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche

„Der Himmel und die reinen Bereiche sind dieselbe Art von Ort. Es ist ziemlich das Gleiche, ob man darum betet im reinen Bereich des Amitabha Buddhas oder im Himmel des christlichen Gotts wiedergeboren zu werden. Vielleicht etwas exotischer.... Der Unterschied ist, dass das Christentum auf der letztendlichen Wirklichkeit Gottes im Gegensatz zur Unwirklichkeit alles anderen basiert. …

You Will be Honored

You will be honored, you will be needed, you will be loved..... this and more awaits you beyond the veil of ordinary mind, when you bind the needs of living beings to your great purpose. ~DGR

""Du wirst geehrt werden, Du wirst gebraucht werden, Du wirst geliebt werden..... dies und mehr erwartet jenseits des Schleiers des gewöhnlichen Geists wenn Du die Bedürfnisse lebender Wesen mit Deinem großen Ziel verbindest." - DGR ---

Buddhist Moving Advice

When moving to a new house, the first thing to be brought into the house, traditionally is a Buddha statue, along with a small table and fancy cloth to place it on. We carry it in with respect, reciting mantras, inviting the Buddha to reside there. Do three prostrations and them bring in your household items. Even if you are the only Buddhist in the family, bring your Buddha image to your personal space before the bed, clothing and other objects are brought into your room. This is the mindful and auspicious method. ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche

"Buddhistischer Umzugsratschlag.
Beim Einzug in ein neues Haus ist traditionellerweise das erste was dort hinein gebracht wird eine Buddhastatue, zusammen mit einem kleinen Tisch und einem schönen Tuch darauf. Wir tragen sie voller Respekt hinein während wir Mantras rezitieren und bitten den Buddha, hier zu wohnen. Dann mache drei Niederwerfungen und bringe Deine anderen Besitztümer herein. Selbst wenn Du der einzige Buddhist in der Familie bist, br…

Happy Birthday to HH the Dalai Lama

There are many different kinds of Dharma teaching. Some give information without any inner teaching ability. Others rarely or never speak and only give inner guidance and care. However, there are some who teach both inside and out, such as HH the Dalai Lama. I think I gained some confidence to teach when I finally understood that the English language is capable of supporting deep concepts. As a Tibetan, we felt that the carefully crafted Tibetan dharma words were too complicated to describe in English, so if people were serious students, they would be encouraged to study Tibetan language. I do not feel that way now. Domo Geshe Rinpoche~~~~~~~~~

Is Death the Greatest Problem? (read in Eng,Ger,Portuguese)

The great problem is not death. Death is the natural outcome of birth. The problem is birth. The greatest meditators work at avoiding their next birth, freeing themselves that will give them real choices! We should also be more careful about breeding animals, bringing more suffering into this world by encouraging the birth of animals only destined for our pleasure or consumption! Will there ever be a world where animals will not be induced, where cows, horses and other domesticated animals will live with us harmoniously? ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche

"Der Tod ist nicht das gro ße Problem. Der Tod ist eine natürliche Folge der Geburt. Die Geburt ist das Problem. Die größten Übenden arbeiten daran ihre nächste Geburt zu vermeiden und sich zu befreien, was ihnen wirkliche Auswahlmöglichkeiten schaffen wird! Wir sollten auch bei der Tierzucht vorsichtiger sein, bei der mehr Leid auf diese Welt gebracht wird, indem man das Geborenwerden von Tieren ermutigt, die nur für unser Vergnügen oder für …

Train Now to Overcome Pain

Pain is an indication of something wrong. That is true for both physical or emotional pain. Once we identify the source of our pain, we can, with training, change our perception of pain to a perception of sensation only, without further suffering. However, our fear of pain is yet another layer of suffering, unrelated to the problem. We should work steadily now, with discipline, to overcome the perceptions we hold about the stresses and pains of daily life before we are immersed in manifest pain. Although we are the most motivated to rid ourselves of pain while experiencing it, that is the time we are unable to do so because at that time the mind is overwhelmed by suffering. ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche~~~

""Schmerz ist das Anzeichen dafür, dass etwas nicht in Ordnung ist. Dies trifft sowohl auf körperlichen wie auf emotionalen Schmerz zu. Sobald wir die Ursache des Schmerzes identifiziert haben können wir durch Training unsere Wahrnehmung des Schmerzes zu einer Wahrne…

Thought for Sunday on Being Vulnerable (read in Eng,Sp,Fr,Ger,It)

As a Buddhist, learning to trust the new you, after experiencing a lifetime of mistrust and anger, will produce sensations that some call a bad word: vulnerable. This is not dangerous to actually touch the new inner/outer environment with a tenderness that you need to emerge into and inhabit, by relaxing. On the other hand, most people damaged by poor relationships in the past, will experience vulnerability and just want to pull in and lock down. They do not want to emerge, opening and revealing themselves, in order to continue learning and evolving. If this describes you, for the benefit of your future, please discover a new way of looking at this, be happy in this fresh feeling, and stop applying negativity that will reverse your progress. Instead, see that feeling as a sign of development using a positive attitude with your newly acquired Buddhist perceptions of changing to a higher functioning way of being.

New feelings of (seeming) vulnerability are the baby steps of a beautiful e…