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Thought for Saturday (+ Spanish, French, German, Russian, Italian) retranslations welcome!

"I understand there will be long lines at the stores today to return or exchange unwanted gifts. I would like to return anger, fear, and ignorance, exchanging it for compassion, love and wisdom! In a way, that sounds ridiculous but from a Buddhist practice point of view, we deliberately arise a particular virtue to overwhelm a particular negative state of mind. For example, we practice love to overcome hatred and selfless compassion to overcome selfishness. I wonder if that works for loud neckties or fluffy sweaters? " ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche~~~

"Entiendo que habrá líneas largas en las tiendas hoy para devolver o intercambiar tras regalos no deseados. ¡Me gustaría devolver la cólera, el miedo, y la ignorancia, cambiándolo por compasión, amor y sabiduría! En un camino, que parece ridículo, pero desde un punto de vista de práctica budista, deliberadamente nos levantamos una virtud particular para abrumar un estado de ánimo negativo particular. Por ejemplo, practicamos el amo…

Thought for Friday (+ Spanish, French, German, Russian, Italian) retranslations welcome!

"If we remember the blessed birth of Jesus, a world teacher, we can extrapolate from that the blessed birth of all world teachers. We rejoice that so many have arrived in this world to help living beings become free. The birth stories of the Buddha, Je Tsongkapa and so many more are inspirations of hope for our many religious traditions. They are also our collective hope, because where they arrived from is without sectarian divisions. That is why we, as Buddhists, enjoy Christmas also!" ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche~~~

"Si recordamos el nacimiento bendito de Jesús, un profesor mundial, podemos extrapolar de esto el nacimiento bendito de todos los profesores mundiales. Nos alegramos que tanto han llegado a este mundo para ayudar a criaturas a hacerse libres. Las historias de nacimiento de Buda, Je Tsongkapa y muchos más son inspiraciones de la esperanza de nuestras muchas tradiciones religiosas. Ellos también son nuestra esperanza colectiva, porque donde ellos llegaron de es sin d…

The Emptiness of Generosity

"Generosity is of three kinds; material, spiritual and without regard to the giver, receiver or gift as real. The third is the most difficult because it requires maintaining the understanding of lack of inherent existence while performing actions toward others. Until we arrive at exalted capabilities, we practice with material gifts and spiritual service such as caring for others the best way we know how. This is dharma!" ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~

Die Leerheit der Großzügigkeit
‎"Es gibt drei Arten von Großzügigkeit: materielle, spirituelle und diejenige, die weder den Gebenden, den Nehmenden oder die Gabe als wirklich ansieht. Die dritte ist die Schwierigste, da sie ein Aufrechterhalten des Verständnisses über das Nichtvorhandensein der inhärenten Existenz verlangt, während man Handlungen vollbringt, die auf andere gerichtet sind. Bis wir diese erhöhten Fähigkeiten besitzen üben wir uns mit materiellen Gaben und spirituellem Dienst und kümmern uns z. B. um andere,…

We Should Outlaw Aging (read in five languages)

"Oh, the excitement turning from age twelve to thirteen, becoming a real teenager! Same for age twenty-one. However, after being propelled by this enthusiasm, nearly every person wants to stop aging at their special magic age. Like an airplane arriving on a runway, we try to energetically reverse our engines, but it does no use, we will continue to age. Part of the dharma realization of impermanence and awareness of death is an enjoyment of aging. We then become free to be whatever age we are without straining. This frees the outer and inner mind for more important activities" ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche~~~

" ah, el entusiasmo que da vuelta de edad doce a trece, haciéndose un verdadero adolescente! Mismo para edad veintiuno. Sin embargo, siendo propulsado por este entusiasmo, casi cada persona quiere dejar de envejecer en su edad mágica especial. Como un aeroplano que llega a una pista de aterrizaje, tratamos de invertir con energía nuestros motores, pero esto no hace ningún u…

Work Only Rents You, They Don't Own You!

"It is easy to lose sight of the simple fact that career and business life rents our body and mental faculties; they pay us money to do things for them. Others pay rent on us that gives us the money to pay for other things we want and need. Aside from any ideas we might hold about enjoying our work, we are paid to perform a function. However, if we identify so much with our job that we cannot stop renting our mind for free after business hours and switch over to personal life, there is no rest at all!" ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche~~~

"Es fácil perder la vista del hecho simple que la carrera y el mundo de los negocios alquilan nuestro cuerpo y facultades mentales; ellos nos pagan el dinero para hacer cosas para ellos. Los otros pagan el alquiler en nosotros que nos da el dinero para pagar otras cosas que queremos y necesitamos. Aparte de cualquier idea podríamos sostener sobre el gozo de nuestro trabajo, nos pagan para realizar una función. ¡Sin embargo, si nos identificamos tant…

Why We Hurt For Others

A perception of real suffering in others is an indication of real self cherishing in ourselves. Only when our own self cherishing is nearly gone can we perceive the suffering of others correctly. That is bodhichitta, helping others in spite of it being illusory. Otherwise, we are like ordinary bystanders at a traffic accident, in shock ourselves, incapable of helping. When the paramedic arrives, they go into action without destroying their ability. That is real kindness ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche~~~

Warum wir mit anderen leiden
Die Wahrnehmung echten Leids in anderen ist ein Anzeichen echter Egozentrik in uns selbst. Erst wenn unsere eigene Egozentrik beinahe verschwunden ist können wir das Leid anderer korrekt wahrnehmen. Dies ist Bodhichitta: anderen zu helfen, obwohl es illusorisch ist. Sonst sind wir wie gewöhnliche Zuschauer bei einem Verkehrsunfall, selbst im Schock und unfähig zu helfen. Wenn die Rettungssanitäter ankommen handeln sie sofort, ohne ihre Fähigkeit dabei zu zer…

Thought for Sunday (+ Spanish, French, German, Swahili, Italian) retranslations welcome!

"The teachings and presence of Tibetan Buddhism in the West is a direct result of atrocities committed in Tibet. Who knows how long it would have taken for Tibetan Buddhism to arrive without the holocaust in Tibet. And yet, you should not take that extra step saying to me or other Tibetans, “Well Rinpoche, maybe it wasn’t all bad that you lost your country, that so many Tibetans were killed, that atrocities occurred and that you were imprisoned, because Buddhism is now in the West.” ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~

"Las enseñanzas y la presencia del budismo tibetano en el Oeste son un resultado directo de atrocidades destinadas en Tíbet. Quién sabe cuanto esto habría tomado por el budismo tibetano para llegar sin el holocausto en Tíbet. Y aún, no deberías tomar aquel paso suplementario que dice mí u otros Tibetanos, “Bien Rinpoche, tal vez no era todo mal que perdiste tu país, que tantos Tibetanos fueron matados, que las atrocidades ocurrieron y que fuiste encarcelado, porque el bud…