PETA for Freeing Suffering People

Our life force energy is not free to object when we are doing what we think is important. It a way it is more like a suffering animal kept in a cage.
Some people will break the law to open the cages of laboratory animals, setting them free by stealth, but many of the animals will not run away but continue to sit in their cages, the only place they ever knew. Like that, we gradually became accustomed to living life in a small way and don't know how to experience the expansive quality of being energetically alive. Not only does the metaphorical cage need to be sprung open for living beings trapped in samsara, but the complacent one inside must be alerted that freedom exists. Once they truly understand that there is more than their limited experience, they will need to develop spiritual courage, anticipation of evolutionary transformation as well as a new form of intelligence. Wanting this freedom is refuge as understood in Tibetan Buddhism" ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~


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