Cultivated attitudes

The cultivated activity of spirituality is bonding higher values of love, openness, and kindness to where our identity is located, the mind, rather than the body/mind. DGR

There is a level of immaturity that feels the body is the basis of identity. Excessive sensuality, gratifications etc. When the person begins to mature, they see that they are the body, but more and feel the body and mind are both in identity. When one does not identify the body as so very important may see themselves as intellect and live more in the world of ideas. This is where this statement is addressing the person so they can benefit from guiding themselves toward cultivated values.

The teachings of the dharma are vast and not only for the brave and disciplined. The teachings of kindness alert us to the values and standards of kindness, the very thing the diatribe of disappointment in humans rails against! This quality can be cultivated and brought to fruition by integrating it into our very nature!

"Spiritualität zu kultivieren bedeutet, daß man sich im Geist, dem Sitz unserer Identität, mit den höheren Werten der Liebe, Offenheit und Güte verbindet und nicht im Körper/Geist." DGR


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