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"Das Bodhichittagelübde abzulegen bedeutet, ein Freund für alle zu werden" - DGR --- — at plums from Hermitage trees.

The Eight Worldly Dharmas audio teaching

A young airport employee (only17) helped me get between gates yesterday. I asked him about his face rings and he began telling me about his rising fame as a DJ. 
I learned a bit about his life and shared with him about seeking the real music... and how all living things make a sound that can be heard when we are developed spiritually. He was astounded. 
With good intention, we can create benefit wherever we are that goes out like ripples to others. If you see David in a club someday... perhaps he will be operating from within the inner music...

Mitgefühl verhält sich zu Dogma wie Liebe zu Geld" - DGR ---


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