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Once existence is established in one form realm or another, it tends to remain fairly stable with predictable changes. At the end of that form existence there is a grand transition before arising in another form. We need to make effort now, before the end of life takes us away to an unknown and predictably worse situation due to unresolved errors created in this life. ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~~~

Wenn sich die Existenz erst in diesem oder jenem Formbereich etabliert hat, bleibt sie normalerweise recht stabil und Veränderungen sind vorhersehbar. Am Ende jener Existenz innerhalb einer Form geschieht der große Übergang, bevor man in anderer Form wieder erscheint. Wir müssen und jetzt anstrengen, bevor uns das Lebensende, aufgrund von ungelösten Fehlern aus diesem Leben. in eine unbekannte und voraussichtlich schlimmere Situation entführt." - Domo Geshe Rinpoche ---

White Conch Summer Retreat 2012
July 6-July 29  Three Sessions to Choose From
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Come to Retreat
Rinpoche teaching in Germany 2011
Retreat allows you to leave behind your daily concerns and focus on your own inner healing and spiritual development. There will be plenty of time for meditation and spiritual sharing. Join with like-minded individuals who are committed to becoming capable of benefiting living beings. Each session features daily teachings by Domo Geshe Rinpoche, various special interest classes such as Mandala Building, Mala Stringing, Tai Chi, Yoga for Meditators, as well as personal and group meditation practice.

Arrival and Departure
For each session, Check in is from 2-4pm on the first day. Check out is between lunch and supper on the last day.  Arriving early or staying late needs to be prearranged with the  retreat coordinator and involves additional nominal charges. When attending more than one consecutive session, the intervening day is an additional $25.

Tenting: You may choose to camp under the stars either on the land surrounding the Hermitage, or in a more secluded setting amongst the pine groves at Norbu House. Shared: Our renovated granary serves as a rustic dormitory for those wishing to remain indoors. Double or Single: RVs, Campers and inside rooms are available at the Hermitage and Norbu House, first priority given for those with special needs. Delicious vegetarian meals are included.

Retreat Fees
Per Session Retreat Cost:
Tenting: $435
Shared: $490
Double: $545
Single: $645
Pre-registration required.Register here.
You may also pay by check; send to the following address:

White Conch Dharma Center PO Box 63 
Blue Mounds, WI 53517

For Monastic, Ngakpang, and dharma service rates, please contact retreat coordinator  Ngawang Khandro 

No one is turned away due to financial reasons.
Dear Ngawang,

Lotus Lake Buddhist Center  is the perfect location for a summer retreat.  The Hermitage and  Norbu Retreat House have comfortable accommodations ranging from a  single meditation room to camping under the stars. White Conch is offering three sessions of summer retreat. You can come to any or all of them. Each session is self-contained, and yet extended attendance allows one to go deeper into the transformative retreat process. We are pleased to offer three exceptional topics and empowerments by our precious teacher, Domo Geshe Rinpoche
Session 1: Tonglen
  Friday, July 6 - Friday, July 13   
Empowerment:  Chenrezig (Buddha of Compassion)
Chenrezig 4 armed
Tonglen means "taking and sending." It is a method of focused breathing (taking and sending on the breath). It is a practice for generating compassion for the suffering of others. It then uses that awareness of suffering to both remove the suffering and purify selfishness from your own mind stream. This purification is powerful! It is a purification that heals. In response to the request of her students, and as a service to our community, the Venerable Domo Geshe Rinpoche has agreed to teach the practice of Tonglen. Don't miss this opportunity to learn this powerful practice to help heal yourself and the world.

This session includes the Chenrezig Empowerment and a commentary and instructions on the practice of Rainbow Purification. Following attendance at this retreat, participants will have the permission to practice this transformative meditation and Rainbow Purification daily.

Session 2: Vajrayogini
Vajrayogini small
Saturday, July 14 - Saturday, July 21

Vajrayogini is one of the most beloved and powerful Buddhas in Tibetan Buddhism. She embodies: (1) the fully enlightened female, wild, fiery, and energetic aspect of a Buddha; (2) the wisdom aspect leading to Buddhahood; and (3) the dakini, inspirational aspect leading the practitioner to enlightenment. Standing naked to the world, she has no shame and her realization is fearless. Vajrayogini's practice is said to be well-suited to those with strong desirous attachment, and to those living in the current "degenerate age". Come receive the empowerment of Vajrayogini.

Session 3: Maturing the View of Compassion
Empowerment: Green Wisdom Light
Green Guru Buddha
Sunday, July 22 - Sunday, July 29

True compassion is the main skill we need to learn in this lifetime, and  altruistic great compassion is the mind of enlightenment. As we cultivate and grow in our compassion we develop Skillful Means. In this session, Rinpoche will lead us in deepening our understanding of compassion and skillful means. 

This session includes the Green Wisdom Light set of initiations includes Green Wisdom Light,  Buddha Shakyamuni, Medicine Buddha (Buddha of Healing), and White Tara (a Long Life Practice).    

Bring a friend! Forward this email using the link below or print aFlyer.


White Conch Dharma Center
There are both advantages and risks associated with attending retreat in rustic, natural surroundings. White Conch is not liable for these associated risks. A release of liability form will be signed by all attendees at retreat.

Running from July 6-29 this summer, with three sessions to choose among, join White Conch on retreat. Suitable for beginning or advanced students. Fly into Twin Cities or Madison, WI

A Buddhist conundrum 
For the unawakened, emptiness is to the ocean as the moment after one leaves the diving board is to air ~~~~
Ein buddhistisches Rätsel
Für den Unerwachten ist das Verhältnis von Leerheit zum Ozean dasselbe wie der Moment nach dem Absprung vom Sprungbrett für die Luft" - DGR ---

A Buddhist conundrum 
For the unawakened, emptiness is to the ocean as the moment after one leaves the diving board is to air ~~
Ein buddhistisches Rätsel
Für den Unerwachten ist das Verhältnis von Leerheit zum Ozean dasselbe wie der Moment nach dem Absprung vom Sprungbrett für die Luft" - DGR ---

This week's teaching podcast is titled Cultivating Courage in Times of Change. With today’s economic uncertainty, we need an enduring set of values to give us strength and courage. Over 2,500 years ago, the Buddha taught relevant values that freed people from fear and unhappiness. These same teachings can help us overcome the problems of today. Rinpoche will offer us a fresh perspective about this. Geshe Rinpoche begins the third Foundations of Yogic Healing program in a few months. Watch her comments on the program and special teachings she gives in it.


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