Do You Want to Be Like Your Parents?

There is an implied contract with ones parents to always emulate them by using their agendas as a model. This works well when the parent is well adjusted and noble, free from clinging and controlling behaviors. However, many spiritual seekers find fault in the values taught by parents or feel oppressed and struggle to have kind thoughts when their own values differ.
It might be valuable to gently see the dysfunctional training as coming from your "anti-guru". That means that you NEVER want to be like that! Once free of the obligation to continue learning damaging ways to relate to the world, you can cultivate a good quality relationship with that parent in a new way. Instead of continuing to feel bad... think that without a single "anti-guru" (friend or family member) you will never emerge to know who you really are. ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~
We cannot use dharma to escape from the responsibilities that we have created! However, dharma is very appealing to those who are already overwhelmed by their own world view and how it has manifested responsibility beyond his or her capacity to deal with it.
Every sincere buddhist must make hidden effort to resolve the inner dilemma and discover a better world view/mindset, one that better fits the needs of an emerging whole and wholesome person. Holding a more evolved world view, she or he will be extraordinarily capable of making high quality decisions and preparing for further development toward discovering their own root and how that relates to reality... the actual issue. ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~~
"Wir können das Dharma nicht dazu benutzen, um den Verantwortlichkeiten zu entfliehen, die wir geschaffen haben! Das Dharma ist jedoch für jene sehr anziehend, die bereits von ihrer eigenen Weltsicht überwältigt sind und davon, wie sich daraus Verantwortung manifestiert hat, die ihre Fähigkeit übersteigt, damit umzugehen.
Jeder aufrichtige Buddhist muss die geheime Anstrengung unternehmen, das innere Dilemma zu beseitigen und eine bessere Weltsicht/geistige Einstellung entdecken, die besser zu den Bedürfnissen eines wachsenden ganzheitlichen und gesunden Menschen passt. Mithilfe einer höher entwickelten Weltanschauung werden er oder sie außergewöhnlich befähigt sein, Entscheidungen von einer höheren Qualität zu treffen und sich auf die weitere Entwicklung hin zur Entdeckung der eigenen Wurzeln und auf deren Beziehung zur Wirklichkeit vorbereiten... was ja der eigentliche Punkt ist." - Domo Geshe Rinpoche ---
Harvest philosophy!


  1. yep.. all needs to be questioned and probably transcended... our education, our values...all what we consider part of us...leaving everything behind refers more to abandoning imprinted ideas and concepts or views than actually moving a foot (imho)


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