Four Questions

 Four questions: Why depend on others?
Why should others depend on you?
Why let others depend on you if they cannot give you something in return?
Are you strong enough to have others depend on you?
Water is our natural environment because the human body is mostly water and we need water to survive. However,our actual nature is liquid light, untouched by the heaviness of decay. The solidification of our spirit must be reversed! ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~
We train ourselves in meditation to visualize the Buddhas and deities as translucent, not solid. This is the sambhogakaya realm DGR~~~~~
"Wir üben uns in Meditation, um die Buddhas und Gottheiten als durchscheinend und nicht als fest zu visualisieren. Dies ist der Sambhogkayabereich." DGR
How do Buddhas think? How is that possible if they are omniscient?

Perfect evening to harvest concord grapes... tomorrow we will can the juice and save some for jelly. Getting ready for Fall and winter White Conch retreats at Lotus Lake Buddhist Center
More questions: understanding reality would bring what benefits?
What things would you like to accomplish before becoming enlightened?


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