In the River of Now

 Full moon at the Hermitage summer of 2011
first section of counter backsplash for Norbu kitchen.. avocado and red tiles are down with mirror chunks at the top... grouting black soon
 A small flock of monarch butterflies swooped across the path in front of me as I left Norbu House... How uplifting!
We will be transformed by our willingness
In the river of now, it is possible for inner wisdom to guide some factors of illusory existence to facilitate the next evolutionary stage for the individual. It seems like magic but it is inner physics. ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~
"Im Fluss des Jetzt ist es der inneren Weisheit möglich, einige Faktoren der illusorischen Existenz zu lenken, um die nächste evolutionäre Stufe für das Individuum herbeizuführen. Es scheint wie Magie, aber es ist innere Physik." - Domo Geshe Rinpoche ---
Enjoyed the local produce auction today.... best mental snapshot? Tiny Mennonite girl sitting in drivers seat of loaded buckboard waiting in line for their vegies to be auctioned off. The wagon was pulled by two beautiful and patient Percheron horses...


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