Mental Freedom

We could say that the outer dharma teachings are like the ink on a page while valid mental constructs are stimulated by the configurations of letters and words.

May living beings be free
Not just political freedom
Not just freedom of choice
Not just freedom of movement

May living beings have mental freedom
May living beings have freedom from suffering
May living beings have freedom of the liberated state ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~~~

Mögen alle Lebewesen frei sein
Nicht nur politische Freiheit
Nicht nur die Freiheit der Auswahl
Nicht nur die Freiheit sich frei zu bewegen

Mögen alle Lebewesen geistige Freiheit haben
Mögen alle Lebewesen frei von Leiden sein
Mögen alle Lebewesen die Freiheit des befreiten Zustands erlangen" - Domo Geshe Rinpoche

I have suggested to students to sometimes see other drivers as dear brothers from previous times. It changes the way they relate to others on the road. (Works for fellow travelers to enlightenment on the path as well)


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