Self-love Free Buddhist Podcast

It is possible to overcome allergies by perceptual healing.. but most people would be offended to hear that and would think you are disrespecting them and saying it is only in their head!
In Oberhausen, Germany 6/9.11 speaking to Hospice workers and volunteers about end of life and special meditations for hospice
false superiority really takes a beating when among gifted and kind people.... hahahaha week's FREE podcast is about self-love. Modern psychology tells us that we cannot love others unless we love our self. What does Buddhism tell us about stable love?
 I had a student in my before who, when asked "where do you live?" would point to his heart center saying, "I live here, and when I move, don't bother to write!"
 Dr Stefan Buff reads from his new translation of Mystery of Emptiness & Love in German language during retreat in Oldenburg, Germany June 2011


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