If reality was beer... would you take a sip?

If reality was beer... would you take a sip?
If reality was 6 inch spike heels... would you try it on?
If reality was a prize winning chocolate bar... would you take a bite?
When desiring to know reality is more valuable than what we presently desire most, the path of preparation for enlightenment is coming to an end.
These are only examples of addictions that are compelling. Feel free to insert your favorite addiction. Could we be as attracted to reality as we are to our favorite addiction.
I am not criticizing anyone here, but pointing out how compelling the search for reality beyond the ordinary desires is for advanced meditators.
Many well meaning "spiritual" people advocate an extreme enjoyment of the ordinary world and ordinary desires as a path to happiness. Instead, let us cultivate higher desire for enlightenment to replace ordinary desire. This is an important intermediate step to wean ourselves away from what we believe will make us happy but lasts only for a moment. The urge to desire can instead be uplifted to higher being

Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~
"Wenn die Realität ein Bier wäre... würdest Du einen Schluck davon nehmen?
Wenn die Realität ein 20cm hoher Stöckelabsatz wäre... würdest Du sie anprobieren?
Wenn die Realität ein preisgekrönter Schokoriegel wäre... würdest Du davon abbeißen?"
- Domo Geshe Rinpoche ---


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