Fear of Death and Podcast: Semi-professional Worriers

Whether we love others a little or love others alot.. there are compassion practices suitable for each stage of our development
If we wait until everything is perfect and finished before retreat, that is not possible. We need to find temporary closure so that we can lay our responsibilities aside for a short while
When we think coolly about end of life, we might arrive at some quite reasonable and logical conclusions, such as understanding that the death rate is still 100%! We might reverse our fear of death and other attitudes, thinking instead that the problem is not that we are going to die, because each of us will die. The problem becomes how shall we live? ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~~
"Wenn wir gelassen über das Lebensende nachdenken, gewinnen wir vielleicht die vernünftige und logische Einsicht, dass die Todesrate nach wie vor 100% beträgt! Wir könnten unsere Furcht vor dem Tod und andere Einstellungen umkehren und st...attdessen denken, dass das Problem nicht daraus besteht, dass wir sterben werden, weil wir ja alle sterben werden. Das Problem lautet dann: Wie sollen wir leben?" - Domo Geshe Rinpoche
 "Quand nous pensons froidement à la fin de la vie, nous pourrions arriver à des conclusions assez logiques et raisonables, telle que comprendre que le taux de la mort reste 100 % ! Nous pourrions inverser notre peur de la mort et les autres attitudes, en pensant à la place que le problème n'est que nous allons mourir, parce que chacun de nous va mourir. Le problème devient : comment devons nous vivre ?" ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~
 You can certainly read about Buddhism and develop an admiration of the benefits of awakening and how the great masters of the past and present trained. This is correct reasoning. Request formal refuge as a vow to achieve that state yourself instead of only reading about it.
Break the worry cycle! Take control of your life by understanding how your actions affect your success both today and in the future. By learning about concepts and techniques to help you stop investing time and energy in worry you can then reinvest it in more happiness and healthiness in life. http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/domo-geshe-rinpoche-teachings/id387058479


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