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$500 Matching Donation - Today Only!

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An Anonymous Donor will generously contribute up to $500
in matching funds
(Tuesday April 12) 

This means that someone will match your donation and any others, up to $500 total, so don't let these funds go to waste.
So, $10 is like $20 today!  

Also, please remember that the success of this campaign will come when you personally invite 10 of your close friends to contribute $10. Please write 10 personal emails with a heart-felt message inviting your friends and family to support something that is near and dear to your heart. Many thanks for all
of your support thus far!
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Facebook fan pages and Twitter allows us (the fans) to share our experiences. Pictures of Norbu House will be added as construction continues.
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We have also a new fan page for Domo Geshe Rinpoche. Unlike her profile page where Rinpoche shares dharma wisdom, this is our space to share our transformative experiences, funny stories and happy times with Rinpoche and our dharma brothers and sisters.
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Please check out the pages and share what is in your heart. 

White Conch Dharma Center
PO Box 14372, West Allis, Wisconsin 53214
Blue jean Buddhists working for the benefit of all sentient beings


  1. Not on Facebook at the moment, but I did want to contribute today while you had matching funds. Hope your campaign goes well. Glenda


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