Unsmiling Rinpoches

In the Tibetan traditional, the rinpoches always had serious demeanor and unsmiling. It was considered a sign of uncaring of deep responsibilities to smile and laugh- especially in public. Contact with western people has changed how we appear in public to always smiling so people feel happy. However, Tibetans felt happy when the reincarnate lamas were dignified and solemn.

Fewer ups and downs are appreciated by newer meditators

Use a proactive approach to feeling happy and purposeful!

Great Vajrayogini is a Buddha level being. A Buddha!

If you could live forever, what would you do?
Perhaps if we lived forever, we might not take inconsequentials to be so important. We would have a longer range view.
We might also consider that living forever might not always be in this form. This is actually the god realm view; although
they do pass away, they have no preparation for that event.
each realm has a specific programming that makes life steady. If one sees another realm from the POV of the human realm, it seems dreamlike. If awareness internal is within another realm temporarily, the human realm will appear dreamlike.


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