Inner Music and the Spiritual Mentor

The Buddhas assist those who have the noble goal

I am grateful for the millions of songs I never heard. I have freed up millions of time to do other things: interact with others, read and especially listen to inner music that has no counterpart.

Some people who are practicing meditation should not try so hard because they might be harming their mind. However, in general, those who have Buddhist refuge and practice commitments should be trying a bit harder!
That is why people who are serious will seek a qualified mentor (if that mentor is willing to take their "case") Those doing serious meditation without the benefit of a mentor to rescue them in difficulty will deepen their problem.
Study, discuss with friends, attend teachings by those who are sharing teachings but are not mentors. Then, the only thing to do before going on is to find a real mentor who will act as your "case manager" for the healing of awakening.


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