Come for Personal Retreat at the Hermitage in Central Wisconsin

What is short range spirituality? A rich fantasy life to feel good now. What is long range spirituality? Painful honesty and effort toward permanent and meaningful change. In other words, preparation and transformation ~DGR ~~~

What a beautiful fall day here at the Hermitage in Central Wisconsin. We are also able to now schedule private meditation retreat times for fall and winter. Fly into Mpls/St Paul. See link for photos of Hermitage of Domo Geshe Rinpoche!/album.php?aid=2011783&id=106...9783068 ~~~

""Welch wunderschöner Tag hier in der Hermitage in Zentralwisconsin. Wir können jetzt auch Zeit für private Meditationsretreate im Herbst und Winter vorbuchen. Flieg nach Minneapolis/St. Paul. Link zu Fotos der Hermitage von Domo Geshe Rinpoche!/album.php?aid=2011783&id=1069783068 " -DGR--"


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