The Senses Can See What is Not There

The senses change what appears before us. Even if we struggle intellectually by understanding that its appearance is not how it actually exists, we are still compelled to see the illusory appearance. ~DGR ~~~

""Die Sinne verändern das, was vor uns erscheint. Selbst wenn wir auf intellektuelle Weise damit kämpfen, indem wir begreifen, dass es nicht so erscheint, wie es wirklich existiert, sind wir doch dazu gezwungen, den illusorischen Anschein wahrzunehmen." -DGR---"


  1. the above illusionary is so nice that it can really motivate the learners, especially the buddhist, who wants to concentrate on emptiness..thanks for creating it.i have got atleast a real idea how life is.


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