Caring for Another at the End of Their Life

Caring for another at end of their life has the potential for dramatic inner change in the care giver. There will be processes energetically exposed to the caregiver during that time that are not available to others in its companion process, gestation and birth. The dying person has mixed some of their personal energy ...with the energy of the world that is attempting to be withdrawn as well as dissolving the body/mind connections holding her or him in the human realm. Quietly and unobtrusively observing this return to original source allows the caregiver access to a special unspoken or inner training in understanding the cycle of life. ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~

""Sich um jemanden an seinem Lebensende zu kümmern birgt das Potential dramatischen inneren Wandels für die betreuende Person. Während dieser Zeit werden dem Betreuer energetische Prozesse offenbart, die anderen im gleichrangigen Prozess der Schwangerschaft und Geburt nicht zur Verfügung stehen. Der sterbende Mensch hat einen Teil seiner persönlichen Energie mit der Energie der Welt vermischt und diese versucht sich zurückzuziehen, während die Körper/Geist-Verbindungen, die sie oder ihn im menschlichen Bereich festhalten, sich auflösen. Die stille und unaufdringliche Beobachtung dieser Rückkehr zur Urquelle erlaubt der betreuenden Person den Zugang zu einem besonderen, unausgesprochenen oder inneren Training im Verständnis des Lebenskreislaufs." -Domo Geshe Rinpoche ---"

Grand Transitions Institute is offering end of life training for caregivers and hospice this weekend Sat, September 11, 10am – 5pm
Joyful Path Healing Center
The Conscious End-of-Life Training Program offers a dynamic, fresh approach to end-of-life care under the direction of Domo Geshe Rinpoche, a western reincarnate lama in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. Although key elements of these original teachings are based on ancient Buddhist principles, this unique program is open to and appropriate for hospice professionals, volunteers, and others—regardless of their personal spiritual orientation. Presented in sequential modules, four levels of training are designed to engage students in a process of exploration and discovery that both enhances their end-of-life care-giving skills and prepares them for their own end of life. The awareness and understanding gained from the teachings allow students to become increasingly capable of providing high-quality and careful energetic spiritual support to others, as well as overcoming their innate fear of death in order to live more fully and to prepare for their own “grand transition”. This training includes the following: * Lectures and discussion on key concepts and principles necessary for effective care-giving (includes video presentation and group interaction) * Experiential on-site exercises and take-home assignments that help develop deeper self-awareness and personal growth


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