It is Impossible to Own Anything

It is impossible to own anything: possessions, cars, or even family. That is because it is illusory. However, we do have a correct illusory responsibility to care for what is in our arena! ~DGR

"Es ist unmöglich, irgend etwas zu besitzen: Eigentum, Autos, sogar die Familie. Weil all dies illuso...risch ist. Allerdings obliegt uns die korrekte illusorische Verantwortung, uns um das zu kümmern, was in unserem Umfeld ist!" DGR

"Es imposible tenerlo todo: propiedades, autos, o incluso familia. Eso se debe a que es ilusorio. Sin embargo, sí tenemos una responsabilidad ilusoria correcta a la atención de lo que está en nuestro campo!" DGR"


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