Only Mowing!

Modern society is so oriented to multitasking that it has caused us to lose the pure joy of just doing what we are doing, but instead producing useless stress. We become trained, for example, to think about three or four different projects while doing dishes, as well as worrying about still another issue.
Yesterday, I had so much to do in preparation for a teaching tour to Europe. Stress was increasing but I was able to steady my capacity for joy while mowing the lawn by reminding myself, "only mowing". This returned me to my task and suddenly I could hear the birds singing and hear the whisking of chopped fragrant grass shooting out the side of the mower. My heart lifted and I felt happy. I felt nourished by my task and it was no task at all! I was only mowing! DGR

An excerpt from Grand Transitions Institute End of Life Training for caregivers. Part of a section on overcoming impatience.


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