Abused Buddha Quote!

"Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense" Buddha

This abused quotation is meant to encourage people to put the teachings into practice instead of only respecting them but doing nothing to change. It has laughably become a call to worship ones own view. DGR

now for some of the strange responses to this ---
One should worship no one's view -- their own, their teachers', the Buddha's. It was a call to apply rational thought, investigation and scrutiny to everything one perceives, reads or hears. In so doing, the authentic Dharma will always stand up to such scrutiny. This threatens many so-called gurus, lamas and teachers, though; because they want mindless obedience from their students. It is a prevalent problem with Western Buddhism and Hinduism. And it was one of the reasons my gurus instructed us to begin the Contemplative Monks.
The time of the masters/gurus is OVER, we are our own masters, gurus, teachers and healers. We can seek guidance from others but ultimately your own enlightenment is accomplished by your personal thoughts and actions. It is time for the people to rise up and claim their ancient glory, the glory of Love and Light that comes from within each one of us. It is time for us to take universal responsibility and not rely on others for that.
Unfortunately, most people aren't even remotely enlightened enough to rise up & claim anything much less ancient glory. If you truly are convinced that the time of the Masters & Gurus is over then all I can say to you is good luck with that approach, you're gonna need it!
Holding on to something there ay! No, good luck to you old chap, that is what you are, a remnant of an old way that is OVER, the new paradigm is here and NO PEOPLE ARE NOT AS STUPID AS YOU CLAIM SIR, you are a disgrace to spiritual teachings! but I still love you and will pray for you to "see"
No no, you misunderstand or I didn't express myself well. I did not say that people were stupid.. just unenlightened.. if that approach works for you, that's great... either the old way is over or it isn't and if it is so is any remnant of the ancient glory.. can't have it both ways and the path I walk works quite well for me. It seems I may have implied (though I cannot figure how) that anyone who sees it differently than I was less informed or less discerning, this is not at all what I meant and the 'good luck' wasn't sarcastic.
you just keep on putting people down brother? Stupid or unenlightened? same thing bro and they are NOT! The ancient Glory I am talking about is one of our previous existence as Gods and Goddesses in another world! and I do travel all over the world constantly, that is a part of my job and I DO NOT hear any stupid people out there, I am hearing one right here in this post, YES: YOU!

"Glaube nichts, egal wo Du es liest oder wer es gesagt hat, selbst wenn ich es gesagt habe, außer wenn es mit Deinem eigenen Verständnis und gesundem Menschenverstand übereinstimmt" Der Buddha.

Dieses oft missbrauchte Zitat sollte die Menschen ermutigen die Lehren in die Praxis umzusetzen anstatt sie nur zu respektieren, aber sich nicht zu verändern. Es ist lachhaft, dass es zu einem Aufruf zur Anbetung der eigenen Sichtweise geworden ist. DGR


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