Why Do Meditators Crave Solitude?

"The meditators mind struggles against an innate inner need to orient and stabilize perceptions within the context of their changing internal environment produced by correct meditation. Interactions with others can become painful when they become overwhelmed by poorly constructed strategies of others.  This also includes the pressing in of others innate view and using the meditator as part of their environment. The meditator then becomes a base for orientation of others and receives the awareness of others.
A traditional remedy has been to seek solitude as the meditator reaches certain changes and plateaus of transformation at critical  times when sensitivities can become raw and over-stimulated by others. However, beyond that place is a stabilization of energies that will return to a more normal configuration, unless the meditator becomes fascinated with sensitivities, equates them with spiritual development and becomes uncomfortably stuck. The loss of plain perception, its function in the human realm, as well as its value as part of correct conventional view (in Buddhist terminology) can create further stress" ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~~~


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