Let's End the Agony of Immature Love!

To end the suffering of immature ordinary love, it is good to understand what is the object seen by immature lovers. Each one is only looking at themselves. This dynamic has many indications that it is between two people, when it probably does not. In addition, there is a certain kind of arousal siren in this possible precursor to mature love that enthusiastically compels them to have energetic interaction with another person. For the immature ordinary lover, no material possession could compare to the possibility and anticipation of diving into the energetic field of another person to experience a heightened sense of personal self. In much the same way, in immature Buddhist practice, the main problem with ease in meditation is that we are compelled by an innate unawakened state, the core problem that literally prevents us from looking at anything other than ourselves. ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~


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