What is Art?

What is art, music, dance, and  literature? Living beings are by nature, compulsively expressive, however, the actual creative force is pre-active to the human realm and is stimulated to manifestation in several ways. One is provoked by karma, a copiously boiling mixture of inner causes without closure. This unorganized potential meets volatile conditions in the world and in the personal environment. Another way creativity is expressed is by a natural and organic process of personal evolutionary development. This more organized expression arrives from the interior "seeded" by the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas that spill into manifestation as sacred energies. In higher development however, being compelled to stir creativity to manifestation is not as skillful as moving awareness toward the interior during meditation. The greater creative act is  to enter the dynamic stillness of the pre-active state. ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~


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