Classic Buddhist or Humanistic Views: Becoming Whole

Two explanations of the innate view:
Buddhist version--
The classic Buddhist view describes the innate view as taking the transitory and impermanent state as permanent. All suffering arises from this misknowledge. However, I expand this to include the carefully prepared, full minimum set of perceptions, which allow humans to participate within the boundaries of the human realm. After the breakthrough of enlightenment, aware practitioners will not discard the purified innate view as useless but will mold it skillfully into a correct conventional view containing the realizations of the awakened state.

Same view but a non-Buddhist explanation--
There are carefully prepared perceptions that allow humans to participate in human potential development within the human realm. We do not damage our perceptions by pretending the world is not there, or that we are not here, in order to participate in some other realm. The innate view can be viewed either as a kind of prison or as a protection from too much inner data. We need to change wrong perceptions into correct perceptions not, according to changing spiritual fad or fashion, but higher evolutionary process while still maintaining a balanced life ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~


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