Red Lotus Buddhist Wisdom for Christmas

nice for a small coffee table book. Many people have already purchased as Christmas gifts

We hope these inspirational and thought provoking quotations by the 9th
Domo Geshe Rinpoche accompanied by dramatic portraits of lotuses will
awaken your natural joy as they have for her many students over the
Although Buddhism is ancient, it remains fresh and contemporary.
Known for purity, peace, and tranquility, the teachings of Buddhism
also instill strength and determination in us to rise from the mud of
ordinary life and gain enlightenment, just as the lotus emerges
Quotations by Domo Geshe Rinpoche are presented in
graphics word art also created by Domo Geshe to emphasize the Buddhist
concepts that can be used as meditations.

When I sit for meditation,
I am standing for what I believe in~~~~~
Holding away change and
demanding life to be like it was before, rubs and irritates the actual
way you are alive like petting a cat from tail to head~~~~

Full color
dramatic photographs of rare and delightful lotuses accompany each
quotation to create a lasting visual impression.

There are 50 full
color lotus flower photos and 50 graphic displays of quotations as well
as explaining how to use quotations as basis for meditations.
It also
introduces a deep topic of how we interact with the symbolic world that
is of great interest to all spiritual seekers


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