You are a Multidimensional Being

Before you were born in the human realm, you were alive. I’m going to say the dissatisfaction built up to a point where that being, who is the actual you, sent you as an emanation – I’m going to use terminology that we use in Tibetan religious work, but I don’t mean it in the Tibetan Buddhist manner. I am saying it emanated force and you became alive.

A multidimensional being is one who is aware simultaneously of that level of reality of where you actually exist, as well as being in the human body. This means not only aware but understanding that you are a human being as well as existing on another level of reality, without confusion.

The reason why you cannot do it effortlessly yet is due to inner permissions and the points of perception that you have not received in western society. On the other hand, within Tibetan society, there are many points of perception regarding multidimensional being. We call something a pure land, deity paradises of the self-existent ever-eternal mandala of certain high deities. These pure places are also part of multidimensional reality without being the personal individual being you experience as being you.

However, the place you currently exist in is not that pure. You are in a place that is a state of spontaneous and cultivated fascination. This is a realm or in a dimension of active fascination that is also called a desire realm.

In addition to the environment, perhaps you are also in a state of fascination with yourself. By talking to yourself inside, you remain too involved in your human side, which is a gathering device in a more advanced clarity being.

The data gathering device that you are of the real you inside is being pushed to perform certain kinds of activities that give the actual being meaning and pleasure or movement or a feeling of being alive. The activities that you perform have something to do with the qualities of who you are, isn't that so?

Unlike the American constitution, not all beings are created equal. We believe that human beings should be treated equally, however, all beings are not created equal because they are using strategies on themselves of many different patterns. The main problem lies in that humans are almost exclusively unaware that they have an actual living being interior. It seems to be interior to you, but since it is on another level of reality, you cannot say that it is at your core. If I tell you it is inside you then you might think that there is a seed inside you and that is not the truth.

It exists on another level of reality. This means you cannot see it with your ordinary senses. You are experiencing it continuously; however, compelled by human design you look outside. Due to the activity of the interior pushing out, you are the way station of the interior. Human activities are for the most part, on the outside, as well as outer mental translation of these events occurring right now regarding how things actually exist.

This is the actual multidimensional nature of ordinary beings. It produced you. You did not produce it. It does not belong to you. You belong to it. The being that exists on this other level of reality is energy, but it is not pure energy. It is energy in various kinds of configurations. Due to beneficent or harmful activities performed, this being is either moving smoothly, carefully and beautifully, or sometimes even stopped. It can be and is often harmed and in rare cases, even killed. Therefore, it is not an eternal being.


  1. I was trying to explain this to a friend, and said, "The you that you think you are isn't what looks - it's what is looked *through*"

    I like your explanation better - it's less cryptic.


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