Suffering of a Teacher

We need to instill a desire to spring back to a stable identity, a stable interior referent. For example, a schoolteacher, over the summer, might have a chance to spend a lot of time alone, just reading, walking through the woods, enjoying their own company, perhaps even painting a picture. Simply enjoying them self, they feel real and comfortable inside and out.

Then they need to go back to teaching school in the fall. Over a course of the next year, by the time the next May or June comes along they hardly recognize them self anymore (again). The real work that they did on them self in the summer, returning to their internal referent to heal is gone. They feel as if they had their feet to the fire for nine months of the school year and again they can hardly wait to have time to be by them self and to get to know them self again. watch this about teacher stress

However, each time they get to know them self again they are not them self anymore. They have not gone back to their comfortable referent often enough. They have become changed by the stress that causes people to “morph” into another way of being alive in order to withstand the often rigorous demands of school teacher in today’s modern society. The burn out experienced in education is so high that anything that can be done to prevent it will benefit many.

What is true for a schoolteacher is true for a healer also. However, anyone who is a meditator is working toward developing a steady, sincere relationship with higher being that needs to be returned to daily. Better yet, twice a day. A meditator who is in retreat will do that six times a day. Enlightened beings never leave the internal referent.


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