Chemistry of Change Part nine

New healthy perceptions die because the surrounding mental environment and existing perceptions cannot support it. The energetic or spontaneous logic is still too far apart. This is the reason ordinary beings are not enlightened! Up to this point, I say. Existing perception, up to this point, have damaged or harmed knowing the actual nature of reality that has been and is continually displayed. The Buddhas and bodhisattvas have prayed, and worked, and presented enlightened model to us forever.

The reason why new awareness perceptions often die before they can be used is that it cannot be supported by other existing perceptions. As we mature in meditation and skillful behaviors, there will be healthy perceptions we have previously cultivated and stabilized. These viable and vigorous perceptions act as a welcome to a new perception as belonging to their value system and gives the needed surrounding strength to survive. In that way, the mind is incrementally lifted with the arrival of each new careful, beneficial perception. The new perception remains as a kind of embedment that has a more enduring lifespan than a thought. That pushes out and replaces a no longer wanted and harmful component in the form of another perception which is removed. This is the skillful disassembly and re-assembly of the perceptions accomplished in Tibetan Buddhist meditations. The great sadhanas such as Lama Chopa, Chod, and many others are honed over centuries to create this very result.

For example, after reading about enlightened compassion Joe decides that he wants to experience the kind of feeling that is being described. Driving to work each day he listens to teachings on his iPod about compassion and feels happy. One sunny day, Joe laid in his hammock thinking about his life, the compassion that he uses and how he could change the way he interacts with others to display this new idea about compassion. Later, during meditation, a particular line in his sadhana recitation causes Joe to stop thinking in a kind of stunned silence while experiencing an energy shift happening in his body. When thinking resumed, Joe finished his mediation prayers and sadhana but now feels very different.

Now he realizes that he is in possession of a new perception, and begins to skillfully move into facilitating its stabilization. He notices that the taxes are not finished and decides that he is not capable of bean counting at that moment and forgives himself once again for not completing them. Emails can wait. Ahh, a cup of tea and sit in the recliner for a while seems the right thing to do… Nothing special to do right now, feeling strong energy in the heart center… inner process still meditating even though he finished meditation a while ago…. Will wait.

Later, Joe receives a call from a friend who begins to stimulate anger. Feeling anger arise, Joe skillfully ends the conversation rather that practicing the familiar anger that seems to be on its way out in the perceptual mixture that comprises Joes mind. To be continued….


  1. Thank you for presenting that mindful way to approach this idea. It is very helpful


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