Chemistry of Change part five

Meditators love the feeling of change and the challenge of stabilizing the energies in a new configuration. This stabilizing and balancing of the whole being after events of change is as important as the event of minor or major breakthroughs. However, as soon as that is accomplished there arises a sense of peace that signals that you are ready for another change.

Transformative energies do push and pull on your entire system. Anything that creates change could create stress. So, we work with it – not by complaining, “stress, stress, this is something I can’t take”,but calmly and with reliance and refuge in The Three Jewels of the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. While we are meditating in order to induce change and the changes are actually happening, if we apply negative perceptions we literally stop changing. No meditator would want that- that would be like death to stop changing.

Your mass of perceptions is organized into a pattern that literally is you in the human realm. During and after a transformative event, there is a dis-assembly and re-assembly in that pattern. During times of spiritual growth created and facilitated by inner and outer meditation activity, what actually changes is perceptions. There are signs in your existing perceptions that signal that you are about to change, if you are alert and trained to watch for them. Because the actual process is inner based, there comes an inner stimulation from your own inner process as it begins to recreate where what was a solidified perception by becoming softened. That means that when people are in periods of great change that they are usually not enthusiastic about stimulation and often prefer to be in retreat. They want to be by themselves. They want to meditate. They want inner process to be primary. It is part of the natural and organic process of preparation for transformation that causes you to lose interest in what was interesting before.

For example, if you were a snowshoe enthusiast and snow shoed during winter months at least two or three times a week, you might suddenly think that you will not go out and snow shoe today. “What is wrong with you? You say, “I don’t know. I just do not feel like it. You want to go rock n roll? I hear that the loudest, most discordant rock band has arrived in town. Do you want to join us as you usually do?” You might say, “I don’t feel like it. I don’t want that kind of stimulation.”

It is because something is happening in perceptions, not from the outside, but from the interior in your actual being, the real you deep inside, sending signals that acts as a softening agent in one or more of your perceptions.

Earlier I mentioned that in the physical body, the cellular process has stabilized into an unhealthy form. Now we move to another understanding regarding perceptions that have become solidified and stabilized–your perceptions that have solidified into an unhealthy form that need to change. This perception is going to become more fluid and that has an effect on the mind by making it move more slowly and finding that more pleasant. It has to become not only softened, but also more fluid. Eventually it becomes softened enough to be dissolved or extracted by the transformative event. Now, one way I said dis-assembly and re-assembly. Now this is another way of looking at that same process. This harmful perception eventually can be extracted. This happens only through the inner process, which has been listening to your requests for change.

The process of the extraction of a obstacle to enlightenment perception allows us a special and holy kind of forgetting. It is a special forgetting which allows a return to purity and clarity. If beings could not change in their perceptions, no one could ever become perfected. If harmful perceptions remained, they would have to be hidden or somehow changed into what they are not. There are many perceptions that you now possess that you do not need. They just annoy you.

The journey to enlightenment seems to be something that we can learn or discover and so people sometimes ask me, “How do I become enlightened?” I have one answer, “Fewer perceptions, and higher quality.” This purity does not create in you a new way to hide or deny harmful perceptions such as anger or pride while it remains lurking in your mind. It literally is not there anymore. When this happens, even showing in your face, you start to look younger. You are more calm. You have a glow.


  1. Rinpoche, it's great to have you on internet to read & learn interesting things about the changes towards liberation & enligntenment ! Thank you !

  2. Thank you for this very interesting teaching about the changes towards liberation & enlightenment Rinpoche.


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