Chemistry of Change last part 12

So, while all of this is going on, while the effects are cascading from the interior, what is happening to your inner being, the real you alive on that other level of reality, during change? What is occurring is the actual being holding that energetic change until other messages come to damage it. It will hold the perceptual change in the inner form of energetic change until contrary communication arrives from you on the outside. The perceptions of your perceptions or how you feel about how you feel with all of the accompanying factors described in earlier columns begin to readjust. If it is not supported by careful behavior and holding away dysfunctional habits, the inner being becomes confused and reverts to an earlier stabilized condition. It does not matter whether that was a healthy condition or not, (usually it is not healthy). The general configuration of the perceptual organization returns to the only position that it can hold with the criteria and the process that it is currently able to experience.

The inner mentor, arrived by transmission, or an aspect of the actual being inner process in a more advanced person, is helping the actual being on its level of reality and knows the transitional stages needed for that particular actual being. It is not following general principles or guidelines, for example, arising bodhichitta by wishing all beings to be happy, but very specific energetic changes that are possible. Inner mentor, in Tibetan Buddhism is absolutely necessary because inner mentor knows by experience how to facilitate changes. This is the inner meditation that is going on inside. Perhaps you can already feel the actual being and inner mentor meditating together.

Of course, no change will occur with inner meditation unless the person facilitates it by outer meditation and care for the inner process by avoiding non- virtue, gaining virtue, steady effort in daily meditation and more. When changes happen to a certain level, this transformation acts upon the inner minds first and eventually presents a new perception to be considered as a candidate for inclusion in your outer mental functions, the last to know. A cascade or domino effect will definitely reach you due to the effects that change has on the increasingly more dense inner minds.

This perception is now a candidate for inclusion in your functioning brain, mind, ideas, and body. As I mentioned from the beginning of this series, the many possible effects that can be experienced might cause you to wish to rock, feel more liquid, feel surges of energy, your hormonal activity will go up and down and so on and so on and so on. The end.


  1. This is so very useful
    - even if I didn´t stumble upon it until way after I have gone through much of the described in a very confused manner ...
    I guess I´d have been a schoolbook example of how NOT to react ;-)

    But that makes me so very grateful for these clear descriptions and explanations presented here-
    I very much do hope and wish that many others do read it in time :-D...


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