Red Lotus Buddhist Wisdom .. excerpt

Of the three jewels, Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha, Buddha means awakened one, or the nature of the awakened mind. The Dharma is the body of teachings of the Buddha and the Path to the awakened state. The Sangha is the community of beings who follow the teachings, rely on the awakening mind, and in turn, become enlightened themselves.
It might seem that the Sangha is not as important, but if the Buddha and the Dharma existed without the Sangha, it would be like attending a school where no one ever graduated! Sangha is our hope for the future, needed to help others become free. The very nature and essence of the Sangha means that somebody did it, and so can we!

The Dharma jewel is beyond value and is always changing as it comes into creative contact with suffering living beings. Since we do not know what kinds of activities living beings will need in the future, the Dharma jewel must be infinitely flexible and responsive, active in highly skillful methods that are alive in the modern world.

Red Lotus Buddhist Wisdom by Domo Geshe Rinpoche will be available before end of July 2009 $18.95 Hermitage Buddhist Publishing --


  1. Rinpoche:

    I very much look forward to seeing your book in print. Thanks for keeping us posted.


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