Power of Hope O- Overcoming Obstacles Cleansing

Part 3 of a series. No matter how dense the stone, we will be capable of suffusing it, going through to the far edges of that object and filling it, even if it is a stone. After suffusion with white light, the second step is to marinade the obstacle in white liquid light. In space before us, we saturate this object that is the obstacle in energetic form. This is done by marinating it, which allows the mind of the yogi to arise in a different energetic quality. Marinating with intense white light, so thick it is nectar, fills from the bottom up, whereas suffusing has a penetrating by light quality.

Remembering that this is the obstacle to the success, we strongly light marinade it allowing it to penetrate by remaining for some time. While you are marinating this obstacle, you are also holding the mind of auspiciousness so that the qualities of that meditation are reaching deep into the obstacle and holding it there for some time. I hope many will be able to destroy every obstacle through this powerful meditation!

This activity changes your perception of the situation. As you are doing it, the obstacle is changing also. The obstacle, by being suffused with transformative light is becoming altered. It does not change a half hour after you finish this, but it is changing as you are suffusing and marinating it with light and nectar. The entire energetic relationship has changed. Something is also happening to your perceptions in relationship to the object and the situation.

There is a third part of this visualization of overcoming obstacles. After it has been suffused by white light and marinated in nectar light, the yogi takes up a visualized sword. Penetrating with a sword of light to its core; to its absolute core the obstacle is destroyed! Destroyed completely and without remainder! We have no compassion for obstacles if our motivation is correct. To its core means that whatever the original causes and conditions that brought the obstacle into being have been destroyed also and cannot be regenerated.

You are destroying the harmful situation by working with only the obstacle. I think it is better to use a visualized stone or to use another kind of visualized object. The seed is what you are going after. The seed is the nub of the issue. Let us continue to remember, we are not talking about overcoming obstacles as the general instruction here. We are still describing technique and remedy to achieve the power of hope. There are other methods for overcoming stubbornness and obstacles in general that are not the purpose here.

We are continuing the power of hope it is O in hope, meaning overcoming obstacles. Since we have hoped in a very hopeless manner for a very long time, let us continue to look at hope in a dynamic, proactive manner to get the desired outcome. We maintain high motivation for the benefit of all living beings in whatever techniques are practiced, so we never, ever hope in the negative or wishing harm to come to others. We must always hope in the positive sense that the outcome will be free from obstacles and then the natural clarity of benefit will come.

To summarize so far, closing your eyes, we rise up to the best of our ability, from the navel in the inner energy body. Next, we visualize, gathering the mind of auspiciousness while holding and being the energetic container for the highest outcome. Now, see with the inner eye an actual object for the visualization of the unknown obstacle, in the form of a stone, a pudding, or a gray cloud. First, suffuse it with white light, then marinate it with nectar light, and hold this for a short time. Now, with a sudden movement, penetrate it with a sword of light to the center destroying the seed of the obstacle. Now, open your eyes and rest. To be continued…


  1. Just practiced the instructions to this point. Very powerful energetic arising. May all obstacles be gone! Thanks, Rinpoche.


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