Power of Hope- O – Overcoming Obstacles Purification

Part 2 of a series. Using the mnemonic of HOPE to remember the technique for proactive wishing we now look at overcoming the obstacles. As described in part one, we are now holding a dynamic energetic that can support the wish/hope. Now we apply to this high energetic, several different valuations and very little else, meaning we should do it in a concentrated manner. It is also important to maintain a focused mind of open abundance, what I have always called a mind of auspiciousness. This is a certain energetic holding, that allows space for the highest outcome to arise without allowing the mind to pick up difficulties and “enliven” or infect further the problem. At this point, we are literally acting as the energetic support, through various bodies such as inner and outer energetic bodies, mental functions cooperating toward highest outcome, as well as motivationally holding success. This explanation will be expanded a bit later.

So, what chakras, which system and what color is this energetic body? Many of you have received teachings, guidance and have read books about the chakras. These energy centers are described as being a lotus, and further described as what color this lotus is and whether it is upside down or right side up. Even the tantric tradition is filled with descriptions of different colors of lotuses and who is sitting on the lotus, and who is not sitting on the lotus, and how they get into the lotus…. Really, I am making a small joke, but the colors of the chakras, and the various kinds of bodies that are connected with this chakra and that chakra, and how this body is colored; most of these descriptions are parts of teaching systems and do not have anything to do with how the energy plexes actually appear or exist.

In our tantric system, the central channel is described as 2-1/2 turns of the right and left channels around the central channel or sushumna. This is a teaching description and does not have anything to do with the way the central channel and the right and left channels actually exist within you. When I described in the previous chapter how to stand up in an energy body, there is no indication of a particular color given. In fact, if anything, it is transparent.

We looked at H as highest outcome. O is overcoming obstacles. The reason you are hoping for a result is because you are unsure of the outcome. On the other hand, you do not have any problem with waiting for a positive result if that would be a certainty. All you would have to do is sit back and wait for the perfect result to arrive. The reason why you are hoping at all is because there is a good chance that there is an obstacle or a problem which is staring at you through the issue that you are working on, isn't that so? When you choose the word hope, it means that you do not want to think that there are any obstacles, and in this way, your hoping is not proactive, but an unskillful fantasy. You might even say to others, "I am not going to think about any problems whatsoever. I am just going to hope for the highest outcome."

However, we know there are always obstacles. Where there is hope, there is a battle between success and failure. Now, this is not about an optimistic view of the situation or a cultivated mind of auspiciousness. So, I reiterate, we are discussing hope, and the deliberate mind of auspiciousness is an element of that state of mind done in this yogic method.

The yogi here realistically acknowledges a progression in achieving the best results of hope by holding this energetic pattern for the mind of auspiciousness to remain without disappointing that state of yogic confidence. Next, we move our attention to another issue; there is something that has to be done with the obstacle. This obstacle does not need to be understood, named, or solidified in order to overcome it. In fact, we want it to stay right where it is for the present time. A danger here is to try to “understand” the problem in the middle of a process because intellectual curiosity will move it to the outside. At this point, it is better to affirm that there is some unknown obstacle but inside you there is something that knows, and that is what will identify and direct the intention of destruction of the obstacle.

There are three steps that you will be capable of accomplishing while you are honestly wishing to overcome the obstacle that is preventing success from arising. It is as though there was a stone blocking water from flowing in a fountain. This process will also prevent the mind from indulging in harmful worry because worry and hope are so close energetically. You want to make sure that hope is the one that you visit and that you do not keep going back and forth from worry to hope.

Yogis know that they would not work on this dynamic of hope unless it is something that is important and so they are going to do it unless needed. Once that is affirmed, we can say that whatever the obstacles are, whether you know the obstacles or not, or whether you know what it is that prevents you from having success, you want to have a method by which you can deal with it in a proactive manner.

Visualize the obstacle in space in front of you. Regarding the form of the obstacle, it is better to take an object such as a stone or pudding that help to describe to the conscious mind the energetic nature, rather than so-and-so person. It could be pudding consistency or it could be even a gray cloud.

You begin by suffusing that object with white light. Suffuse it completely with white light even if it has a solidity of a stone. This intense light can permeate anything. Suffuse means it is untouched by any obstacle itself and able to remain as light without contamination. This is done with a mind of auspiciousness and is supported by the standing up energy of highest outcome. Now hold this for some time without thinking about it while the light absorbs the level of confusion that it is there to heal. This can happen in a surprisingly strong manner. To be continued…


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