Power of Hope- E is Enthusiasm

Part 5 of a series. This technique uses the mnemonic HOPE to help us remember a valuable technique. The last part of this is E for enthusiasm. A cultivated enthusiasm within the practice here allows you and trains or compels you to push away the negative by applying a positive protective shield. The enthusiasm in this process of dynamic, proactive hope will cause you to push away any negativity still surrounding the situation.

Like a protection, the surrounding situation of minor negativity is now being pushed away. You are not only making a clear space that is free of this obstacle but also clearing away everything associated with the obstacle that may be holding it to the situation. In addition, you are pushing away any negative thinking on your part, such as, “Oh, it probably did not do any good, but anyway, I tried.” Push it away. Push it away with the power of enthusiasm for the best outcome of success. Any negative thinking, such as, “Oh, maybe tomorrow it will be different. It will be back just as bad or worse than it was today.” Push it away!

Your enthusiasm, which is still based upon the arisal of your inner being, is produced by your mind and motivation here so that there is no decline or decay any of the positive process that has just happened. This seals the hope and seals your hope session practice. You have sealed it so that it neither will revert, nor become infected. Your controlled enthusiasm for this virtuous process will destroy any negative thinking on your part, any negativities surrounding the situation, as well as never allowing the positive benefits to disappear.

In addition, I add in order to be really clear not to misuse this skillful technique to do any harm, may any negative motivation that arises be instantly destroyed. Further, may the wishes of anyone who would misuse this precious teaching, may it never come to fruition and anyone who would use this for negativity, may they never get the desired result!

The last point is this should never be a long-term dynamic. This is meant to be done over a very short period of time. Do not continue to work this dynamic toward the same obstacle, the same issue again, and again, and again, over a long time. It harms you. It will harm you.

This also does not mean that you are guaranteed the results of success. Doing this ritual will not guarantee success, only the part that you are responsible for, and that will be cleaned. That is the success you can deal with; what you are able to purify. This I share with you freely, a technique which have been in my tradition for a very, very long time, held in a process of secrecy. Here I am telling you how to do it. I share it with you. I hold this knowledge now in you, and please use it carefully for benefit. The end.


  1. Thank you for this tool. I have used it and it is powerful. If at some point you could clarify more fully appropriate use of this kind of tool. I understand some of what you said here in the blog but I am still uncertain as to what signs I should watch out for to discern when to stop using the technique. My only thought is to use inner permission which I learned about from your talk on healers I have had some success with this permission principle already. Another thought I have is to connect this technique with bodhichitta in order to act as a guide for altruistic arising of effect from this action. Appropriate application of power is a real concern for me as I have seen the effects of its misuse. If anyone has some thoughts I would love to discuss this with you.

    Thank you for the transmission of these teachings Rinpoche. I have been truly blessed from your activities of spreading the Dharma in the west. I pray that one day we all become like wish fulfilling trees.

    My blessings to you all


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