Emptiness and Bliss Mystery Solved

Part 3. Perfection is possible and is unrestricted to manifest in any form in any realm. Perfection, in the form of a teacher guiding us to enlightenment is capable of appearing in inner as well as outer forms, reminding us, giving teachings and calling us to our true home when we are lost. However, the actual student and recipient of care is deep interior to the outside person and is more energetic in nature than thinking. What it does understand is energetics far more complex than the human mind can process. If the preparation for change is done correctly, the inner being experiences a correct love dynamic that it cannot understand but is attracted to in its own more sophisticated method and it causes a powerful pleasurable effect in its subtle being.

The reason why we experience this activity as bliss in the outer mind is that something is happening in the inner minds that cannot be understood in the way we admire and demand understanding. For almost all meditators, even close inner minds such as the subconscious, are not able to process bliss as understanding but as extreme pleasure. Even the innermost mind where the actual essence being resides in the place of deepest development of that being might or might not be able to understand bliss as teachings relating to the next method where it will be alive.

The essence actual being, however, is not a passive recipient of these teachings, but is open and wishing to absorb as much as possible the marvelous teachings of perfections activities. This blissful true love that is experienced inside is teachings now inside the actual inner being, the receptive aspect of the real you inside that was created to wish to know perfection.

As the actual being becomes stimulated, a cascade of healing effects occurs in its being like a shiver. Through the process of manifestation by emanation, opening begin from the interior actual being to various levels of inner mind that also experience that effect. This allows various levels of inner mind to experience what actual being is now producing. They cannot help but experience it because that is a byproduct of this inner bliss. A surge of inner teachings heading toward your outer mind passes through various membranes presently held into careful configuration for later development.

This is why yogis describe themselves as "We yogis, seekers of bliss," not out of a sense of wishing to experience sensual pleasure, but all of the activities of understanding the nature of reality, altruistic love, and loving-kindness. All of these elements are preliminary to the arisal of bliss that will produce someone capable of experiencing higher bliss. In other words, when you no longer hold the grasping or the contaminated view, you become capable of supreme events in your life experience.

The early stages of bliss and emptiness are still held back from the experience of enlightenment itself by the contaminated view. These glimpses and careful entry and introduction to bliss will become stronger than that, and won't that be nice? This is a powerful entry into the inner teachings, into the state where inner teachings are received. When it happens, you will not have any perceptions to attach onto what would prevent this state of bliss-love to be experienced as a flow of teachings without the confusion of perceptions to support them.

This bliss dynamic is an advanced and vital part of your development. A sign of entering a certain level of an enlightened state is passing days and nights in this bliss and not wanting to rise from it. A continuous flow of inner teachings completely envelops and captivates the mind. This is often what occurs in samadhi trance states when even the outer breath is drawn inward with the awareness for a full immersion in bliss. However, once you have the innate view destroyed, the capacity to understand the bliss teachings arises and you do not experience as strong bliss but another kind of knowing is entered.

Bliss and emptiness or love and emptiness are correct states of mind gathered together in the great method. Now that we have bonded these two concepts together, we need to maintain the connection. While experiencing bliss energies, we do not want to lose the connection with the receptive aspect of love, otherwise literally, you would be trying to rape bliss in order to get at it. This kind of attack on bliss is an aggressive wanting to control, and is wrong. The correct love dynamic that allows your mind to remain in this pleasurable and active state of receptivity will also allow you to have new perceptions embedded to make you capable of being correct knowers of bliss, knowers of the deep inner teachings. Bliss-love or alert-receptive dynamics allow you to maintain the connection with higher development while the ordinary mind is held correctly in the state without foundation.

This penetration of inner mind with awareness often produces in the conscious mind sexual imagery that adds energy and redirects the root center energies into the inner opening. These root center energies are liquefied and drawn into a dynamic redux activated by inner mentor, something that the inner being or outer being cannot do for themselves. Redux means restored to consciousness, life, or vigor. This change does not require sex or sexual imagery to accomplish, although sexual imagery has been used in this process for a very long time.

In conclusion, the entry of bliss-love into the dynamic of emptiness should be smooth and without disfiguring either concept. Here you do not release energetic understanding of emptiness in order to be able to experience bliss-love. In addition, it is correct to understand that bliss-love does not require emptiness in order to exist and emptiness can be experienced without bliss-love. However, this is not a good idea to separate them because your experience of emptiness is presently being trained to become bonded to the altruistic. Doing so correctly, you will emerge from this state and will not become a candidate for cessation, but a candidate for higher trainings toward Buddhahood. Otherwise, you go into cessation, and that will be the lower liberation. That would be a great loss because we need to have in our society more benefit beings. The human realm needs more benefit beings in order to sustain this world for future beings requiring a safe and pure place to practice and prepare for transformation and higher trainings.

You are already experienced in the human realm and understand the problems that you have faced in your journey to this point in your development toward awakening. Therefore, you, combined with altruistic love and understanding the nature of wisdom and bodhisattva activity will be a very good candidate for becoming a benefit being for the human realm. Then, in the future when you are offered cessation, you will say, "I do not accept. I have work to do for the benefit of all sentient beings" and that is the answer to the mystery of love and emptiness.
The End of 23 part series


  1. Thank you for taking us on this incredible journey.
    I'm sure I am not the only one who was given an experience of these teachings on the interior. Thank you for your many blessings and continued support in our process towards becoming the one who can save all sentient beings.
    May my capacity for compassion be infinite!


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