The Dumbing Down of Our True Nature (part eight)

Many human perceptions are related to and give rise to feelings of solidity and permanence of the human experience. This is good! Before I said it was bad. Now I say this feeling of solidity is good. This is because it helps the actual beings emanated form, which is you, to take more seriously the work of preparation needed for transformation.
By your experiences created through your senses and consciousness, you become capable of deeper understanding that you need to change and learn. The heaviness and sense of suffering, both subtle and manifest, should alert you to the dilemma and cause you to seek methods to become free. If you had no suffering, you would not want to leave, but leave you must.

Therefore, we must overcome the innate view programming and awaken to another way of being; the next stage of the journey to perfection, our actual home. Now we understand more clearly that we do not want to damage the innate view prematurely on our way to the transformed state. If there is too sudden a shift in a person who is unprepared, there might be energetic disruption from pushing too hard. The inner and outer nerves can become shaky and damaged in ways that are difficult to heal. That is why there are injunctions in tantric vows forbidding teaching emptiness to someone who does not have the necessary preparations to understand. This means giving the inner pointing out, not introduction to the concepts.

Especially in the West, information regarding emptiness is so available and there is so much misinformation, it is probably good to have frank discussions. In the safe method of inner and outer preparation for enlightenment, information and guidance regarding the correct conventional view carefully changes the perceptions we hold toward the world. The mature intellectual view combined with compassion training and altruistic motivation will improve and heal our relationships with others, toward our self, and toward our place in the world. It also changes how we think about what is most valuable by eliminating behaviors that bring harm to the inner actual being. We become enthusiastic in efforts to make careful choices in how to spend our precious time, placing meditation and private time for contemplation as a necessity and not just a luxury if there is extra leisure. Most importantly, we develop an emerging sense of the value to use these new methods to gather healthy experiences we will need in the preparation for coming alive.

The initiation ceremony is an introduction to a valid dynamic with reality. Meditations done correctly, gradually make your perceptions pliable and receptive to the actual practice coming to the subtle mind or actual being. These energetic teachings in Vajrayana Buddhism are considered to be from the self-arisen Tantras, the teachings of transformation from reality as guided by inner mentor.

There will be perceptions associated with the innate view programming that will decay naturally from disuse, as you will not believe they are as valid. When you are not leaning on your perceptions of solidity as strongly, they naturally begin to decay. Perhaps sometime you wondered, “Well, why don't I believe that anymore when it was something that was so important to me?” You have already experienced many changes in perceptions in your life. It is like believing in Santa Claus, and now you no longer believe in Santa Claus. Even if they push your face in the dirt, you will not say uncle and believe in Santa Claus again. Once a perception has definitively changed it is very difficult to lie to yourself and say you believe the immature view once it is destroyed. Just like that, the intellectual and then the various levels of energetic perception become the minor breakthroughs needed in preparation for transformation!

There will also be a liquefying of certain perceptions rather than an abandonment that will cause you to lose interest in many dynamics that previously were very important to you. This is not disuse; this is liquefying, it is melted. There are various kinds of melting; this is about melting of perceptions that do not return because they are no longer needed. From the blessing process that can only come from inner mentor and your inner process, healthy new perceptions will be added. From inner minds connected to valid states through the increasingly denser vibrational levels, the energetic alivement moves until even the ordinary human mind is awakened. This will happen in dreams for a long time before the conscious outer mind becomes aware.

More importantly, the meditator no longer believes in the induced fiction that they are the one. The actual being, the one that was alive before you were born and will still be alive after you pass away is the one who is on the evolutionary journey. You are a temporary being emanated by the actual being that is in the location of the deepest development inner mind. You are illusory because you perform actions that correspond to inner actions without knowing that. You are dreamlike because you are alive within the mind of the actual being that is still unaware of yet higher being. You are not the one you think you are because the cues and clues of orientation in your world are not about you. You are not even the one that is alive, the actual being is the real you. That is the one on the evolutionary journey. This is why the inner-based view is more powerful than the outer-based view because most of the confusions are attached to the outer being, when actually they are nothing at all. They are nothing at all.

This quantum shift in perception from outer importance to value placed on inner being facilitates the correct relationship to arise with your own actual being. This is an important part of what is called the actual practice, the real practice. This energetic process of healing, growth, and the extremely important inner organization occurs within the actual being. You, as the caretaker while in the human realm then understand that the actual being, the real you inside, cannot make the necessary changes unless you facilitate it by admiring the enlightened state and wishing to leave the suffering state.

While meditating, do not attempt to seek pleasing yourself in order to achieve the feel-good feeling as a goal of the practice. Instead, think of that time as belonging to the actual being that needs time for this energetic healing who is preparing for the next stage of its life process. "I did not feel peace in my meditation today. Something is wrong. I think I will give up this practice because I did not get peace coming." Do not be like that!

When all of these powerful attitudes become connected to the Great Wish to be of benefit to all living beings, the inner being becomes a candidate for bodhisattva training. The minimum standard for bodhisattvas, real bodhisattvas, is awakening the mind of enlightenment for the benefit of all sentient beings and understanding that the human realm is illusory. Bodhisattvas only actually exist after enlightenment, so we say becomes a candidate for bodhisattvahood. Eventually, the actual inner being, now a bodhisattva hero, enters into a valid relationship with all living beings as a fully awakened Buddha Conqueror. The Buddhas hold the vision and spontaneous skills in methods that are expressions of energetic completions only when all living beings are free and safe in the perfected state. The end.


  1. I am so happy to have read this. It gives me a great amount of guidance. I love the depth in it. I am willing and ready to grow. Having instructions on how to do it and what to focus on or not makes is much easier.

    Thank you so much for writting this!



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