The Dumbing Down of Our True Nature (part five)

The innate view seems to be a primary cause of suffering in the human realm and has been given too much credit for its ability to make us suffer, in my opinion. This induced dream was created by a mixture of causes and conditions, and became a karmically caused result. We might see karma as a wrongness that we or others have perpetrated. This is not true, of course, as causes and conditions bring both positive and negative results, isn't that so? In the most basis distillation of the innate view, according to Buddhist synthesizers, is a mistaken inner and outer worldview that takes the transitory and illusory to be real.

However, it is an error to indoctrinate people with a view that everything is bad and wrong due to primal ignorance of true nature and also encourage them to rejoice in appreciation of human life. This will require a closer examination of the innate view to gain a careful understanding of these seemingly contradictory teachings. Very simply, the encoding of the innate view is the price paid for participation in the human realm. This compassionate imprinting is without regard for the reason we need to be here or we are forced to be here. Because the human realm is a specific place, not an example realm or a dream realm, the programming is specific to this realm. Because of this, many aspects of this programming are unique to human life, will do you little or no good in a later transformed state, and are discarded at the time of transformation. During the lifetime or the entry of the individual, they must be naturally connected by, for example, previous karma or induced by design. An ordinary being is an example of the former and an emanation bodhisattva, enlightened spiritual hero, is an example of the latter.

Karmic beings need to be weaned away from the addiction to the programming by becoming mature enough to create a new world view. This comes alive by the strength of an emerging sense of universal responsibility, the heart of the Mahayana or great vehicle of altruistic meaning and actions. It does not matter in this case if the causes within the individual are positive or negative, if they have created an uncontrolled cyclic series of arrivals in the human realm. In other words, we are bound by the attachment to the programming and within that become fascinated by the display of virtue or non-virtue.

The elements of the innate view do not define or demand how the individual world view is experienced and therefore cannot be a cause of the suffering that belongs to the confusion created by inappropriate use of the innate view. To prematurely destroy the foundation of the programming is an act of desperation of the manifestly suffering person wishing to escape the results of their confusion. The preparation for transformation needs to be done gradually by addressing the energetic dysfunctional display that continues to make that one a candidate for the human process. It does not benefit to make them unsuitable for human life without preparation for a proper future environment. This is why the lower Nirvanas are not places of permanent salvation.

Now we can describe some of the points of the programming that are addressed to a preparing individual who is ready to enter higher training.

Number one: There is a separation from others that actually does not exist in the perfected state. The individual is caused to be unaware that at the deeper energetic level of their actual being, he or she is perfection. This is not just a feature of the human realm innate view but is common to all views in all realms. However, in the higher realms, the sense of separation is less than what is experienced in the human realm.

Number two: There is a sense of solidity that gives rise to a different kind of confidence that a structure holds them. Otherwise, we would feel like we were floating. Within this structure, the individual performs actions and enters into different dynamics with other beings that experience a similar sense of solidity. This is correct connection, however in dream states many will experience release from this and float, move instantaneously, fly or experience other sensations while partially disconnected from the innate view. This sense can also be experienced during meditation and actually acts to prepare the meditator in an organic and natural method for a careful and confident transmutation to another way of being.

Number three: There are hypnotic blinders placed on the human mental faculties that prevent you from being alive to vast interior where life is actually experienced and the life force of the human individual resides. Although that appears to be a terrible thing to do and a feeling might arise to break out of this prison, it is more important to become aware that this does exist at this point, rather than damage it.

Number four: The innate view allows the individual to collect information within a simplified system that is linear. This allows beings to perform actions with enough time to make decisions and use an emerging sense of will power according to the values developed by experience and changes already stabilized. These actions, coming from and resulting in exhaustion of appearances are connected to and related to levels of being that are not able to use will power or discrimination. This application of mental functions uses energetic life force as well as creates energetic nutrition for inner levels by manipulation of ideas created by inner and outer events combined with memories.

The physical body has a sophisticated nervous system, part of which acts as a bridge to more subtle minds that can be affected by actions beyond their correct use imprinted by the innate view. For example, the limbic system can hold trauma by being imprinted and programmed. These are not part of the innate view and must be healed so the memories held there are not of distress and confusion but a kind of new knowing in the form of remembering. In the abuse of the innate view, there is workings of karma that bind and solidify further that individual to a confused sense of identity that actually does not exist except as a byproduct of the innate programming.

Number five: The deepest level of your development over a very long time is the actual being that has emanated into the human realm in order to make important changes for further development in the journey to perfection. That inner being is partially active and accessed in the human realm to imbue objects and others with awareness in order to interact and even to see them. This is connected to a primary function of human existence. For example, if I am looking at Jinpa across the room, I cannot see Jinpa unless I see me in Jinpa. After the first moment, I do not actually see Jinpa anymore; I only see me. This is a ramification of the first point, the induced sense of separation, a function of the innate view.

An important activity of the human realm is to seek closeness, perhaps as a consolation for this separateness. For example, a girl and boy fall in love and want to see and be with each other. However, only that very first moment before they even acknowledge that they have seen each other do they actually see each other, or in the Buddhist terminology, experience bare perception. In the second moment and after they only see themselves in the other. It is followed then by interacting with their own projected perception and memory of the first moment.
To be continued…..


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