The Dumbing Down of Our True Nature (part four)

In the previous column the nature of the inner being that is the real you inside was described. This being is the real practitioner inside; the energetic alive being that is capable of attaining the transformation of enlightenment after considerable preparation. This dramatic and sudden change causes it to transform energetically to another kind of being that has a profound effect on the emanation being, the ordinary person. This change also brings closure to its cycle of lives in the human realm even though its emanated form will continue to live out a human existence. The dramatic change usually causes the transformation to affect the person in the illusory human realm to wake up and become aware of their illusory nature. There should also occur a definitive break with the innate programming of the human realm.

Before that transmutation happens, you might wonder, if that inner one is the real you, then exactly who are you? What is your function? You should become a more careful caretaker and human facilitator of a sensitive process that includes preparation to transform in your actual being. Therefore, within the parameters of the possibilities of transformation in this lifetime, there are elements of the innate view that are important for the caretaker/facilitator to discover and learn.

However, the ordinary person before the inner awakening of enlightenment is not only bound by taking what is illusory to be real but also the defective egoistic view that they are the one. Understanding that the inner life is the actual being that emanates and owns the outer being and not the other way around often has the wonderful effect of a logical incongruity being resolved.

This is the real you that emanated into this human environment but remains in a more subtle form, connected the whole life but distinct from the body and outer mind. Your actual being cannot be here in its present subtle form. In its earlier times, after completing much energetic learning, the preparation for closure from that training place, that karmic realm, and that way of being, required a huge effort. In other words, you were not always a human being. You have lived in many different forms and many different ways of being.

If it completed energetic closure, it is unknown and unknowable if that was like enlightenment in that way of being. That means energetic closure has a barrier as does enlightenment and is generally impenetrable as memory. You are not going to return to being an ordinary suffering human being. You will then be connected to a different kind of being, an actual being that is an enlightened being from the view point of the human realm but not from the view point of perfections care. That energetic closure truly is the closing of a module of the journey.

From the point of view of a previous existence of the actual being, the human realm might be like a heaven realm or a pureland. Perhaps you prayed to the human realm, perhaps a far better place than before, to gain the human realm sphere. Your actual being then became an ordinary candidate for another way of being and received the permissions and bestowals that allowed it to emanate into the human realm for further growth and change according to the Great Path of dharma. The Path and dharma exists in many spheres or realms where living beings arise to experience the results of karma. This karma brings definite results by illusory methods such as participation in dream like realms such as the human realm.

These permissions to enter perceptual realms due to karma are as certain as mathematical results and come at a price. The cost of that permission to participate is the innate view. The cost is a special dream-like state, or hypnotic state, in both the actual being and its emanation, you, in order to participate correctly in a new environment. The human realm is a perceptual realm. That means you are only alive here due to specialized, complex instructions filtered through a set of perceptions that are your personal gateway to live here as a human being. In our Tibetan system, we say a human being is nothing more than a mass of perceptions, but I say it differently here to give you some different ideas to think about. The fact that it is true should not hurt you. To be continued…


  1. It is very interesting what you are writing..I think it takes alot of efford to undrestand..our egoes and try to live self mastery....ithink it takes alot of discipline to gain control over the mind,speech and actions..many many years if ever..and a persons strength needs to be testedoften so thathe she learns to be self-reliant..and also to evaluate our own uncover errors that we maybe nothave been consciously

    aware of..iy shall be interesting to read more about what you are thinking of and what the purpose of the task in the end humans are living in must be more than just the energic power and alll hte reincarnations we are living because of carma..for me.. i think it is so great that our minds are nor ready to find it out..yet..but sure the buddist way of thinking is good to do a good job on earth..
    iam looking forward to hear you continue..because i think there is much to learn from a such wise woman as you.thank u for beeing here and sharing it with alll us seeking people


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