The Dumbing Down of Our True Nature (part three)

All Buddhists pray to the inhabitants of the great realms of learning and progress such as the pure lands of the Buddhas and the bodhisattvas, in their realms, requesting release of the practitioner from the suffering human realm experience, isn't that so? These realms are visualized in Tantric practice and are described so the meditator can make connections to the Buddha and guidance beings associated with the Great Path to perfection of that higher realm.

Enlightened beings that emanate into this world to benefit those living under the acknowledged imperfect conditions here encourage people to not think this world is a final destiny of their evolution. As I have said in a previous column, science is now agreeing with Buddhism regarding the nature of physical reality. Science is now beginning the exploration of the interface between consciousness and the world. For example, the erratic behavior of an electron stabilizes due to perception and has location, otherwise it only remains as a probability. Buddhism, however, is beyond that and teaches how to explore the possibilities for preparation for transformation by the one living within an illusory realm. Because this is a perceptual realm, the way you exist and the way you think you exist are different. That misknowledge I call an aspect of the innate view.

Therefore, living in a way that you are not actually here, means that you are not the one you think you are. You are not even alive in the way you think you are. Gross physical and gross mental functions possess the adhered innate view and therefore thinking functions are not reliable indicators or truth devices. There is another kind of living being that is part of a more subtle version of the human being, alive on another level of reality, and that is the real you. You are not the real you.

This living being is not a human being. It does not speak English, or even Tibetan, French, or any known language. It is an energy-electrical being associated with the level of mind that transmigrates. It was alive before you were born, and it will be alive when you depart from this world. This living being is on an evolutionary journey to perfection. This being is associated with life process of the deepest inner mind development that you have. Because it is beyond the need to enter into denser manifestation itself, it has emanated you, a perceptual form being.

This is actually in the same methods that the Buddhas emanate that are in higher development; however, this inner mind being is not an enlightened being. It is self-referent, which means it only knows what it knows and it only has a certain amount of information. This being is on an evolutionary journey that will culminate by entering into perfection. This living being, whose present process has caused it to emanate into the human realm, has been emanating repeatedly into the human realm or other realms over a very long time. However, it has forgotten that it needs to make certain kinds of transformations in order to continue its journey and had been delayed by the confusion of this realm.

This living being is the real you or in any case, more real than you because it is more subtle, extremely long lived, more comprehensive and survives the gross death process. This extraordinary being appears to be internal to you and by that you might infer that it belongs to you but it does not belong to you. You are its emanation, continue to be connected to it your whole life and you belong to it. To be continued….


  1. Rinpoche this piece is very well written. You write in a way that makes this easy to understand. I wonder though about how if we understand that we are this inner mind being, that is energy, luminous but empty that goes from life to life or realm to realm, how do we not grab hold of that as being the self. Is this just another label to call the self? Taking this body as the self or this inner mind being as the self, are we just switching one thing for another? How do we let go completely of a self?


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