Learning Reality

part two of a series
The innate view is part of a perceptual story bonded to a living being such as a human being and connected to a particular subtle inner mind. The innate view, or taking what is transitory and impermanent to be permanent is reinforced by society as well as personal experiences of seeing the world as solid and unchanging. This complex set of instructions is bonded in order to help you to be alive in this perceptual realm. You are only alive here by your perceptions. If you do not have an innate view, you are not here! This continues until the correct view replaces it.

Even the inner bases, the more subtle minds that hold various relationships to human life and inner life are illusory, as they are even more fully hypnotized into taking the transitory to be real, and rightly so! Otherwise, you would not be here. You would not have this wonderful opportunity as a human being unless you were capable of receiving these various cascading effects toward the gross mind while holding the innate view.

To have an innate view does not mean that you are a bad person or that you did something wrong. The innate view is not evil. For the one who is in preparation for transformation it is just not needed anymore because it is time for change to happen in the ordinary mind. To continue using ordinary mind and its structural support, the innate view, is like wearing a very old winter coat that does not keep you warm anymore, the very thing that it was supposed to do. It's also getting threadbare and looks bad.

Beings such as bodhisattvas who emanate into the human realm because they have work to do, uproot the innate view that delivered them here so that they can be begin careful activity to benefit living beings. All beings seeking liberation from the suffering of uncontrolled rebirth and misalignment with reality must also uproot the innate view. We say it is the correct view, but there are transitional correct views for the benefit of bodhisattva trainees. There are trainings in levels of bodhisattva stages that allow for skillful transformation from the initial stage of understanding the nature of human existence to eventually establishing in complete and total Buddhahood. It is definitely a process even after one becomes enlightened.

However, we do not damage the perceptual programming by rigid logical analysis too soon without developing transitional correct views in order to be able to recognize it when it arises. It is not possible to add a correct view of reality mixed with a contaminated view. The transitional correct view must include training in compassion practices, understanding karma and reincarnation, overcoming fear of death and how to rely on virtuous objects such as the Buddha, dharma and sangha. When the great Path of the teachings are intergrated into the mind so seamlessly that there is no difference between the teachings and the mind, that one is considered to be a candidate for higher training such as intense introduction to emptiness.

An analysis such as Chandrakirti's 20 Emptinesses is meant to deliver you where there is no place to rest your innate view. That is why it is called destruction of error. When the innate view is gone carefully with the analysis in deep meditation, without loss of energetic integrity, it is replaced by the correct view. The innate view is dismantled and the correct view arises. If done right, the correct configuration results, called the correct view. The correct view maintains inner connection with reality. The correct view is conventional balanced wisdom awareness arising of the human. It is also the staging location of a transitional view for what happens next in development.

Since even the more fluid inner bases are illusory, they are also fully hypnotized into the transitory as real. This is the evolutionary, intellectual, evolved structure believed to have the highest ability to discover the nature of reality. Different kinds of bases, not just inner sensory bases which emanate the gross outer sense bases such as gross consciousness, but various inner minds are also illusory. They are lacking the marks and signs of reality and are of an inferior kind of learning device that has been the method of the self-referent nature of activity of inner and outer mind. The inner minds should be seen for the poor quality dynamics that they are and begin to rely on authentic bases such as inner acceptable principles. You have been fooled into thinking that there is something there in the mind that will provide something that it is not capable of providing.

Even the inner bases of inner minds lack the very thing that you expect to be the support of your inquiry into the nature of reality. Eventually, all avenues of inquiry are exhausted in this diatribe against your illogic. When the mind releases its grasp correctly there will be an inner practice alive, and an opening of a deeper inner mind. This then signals a readiness to move into a kind of vestibule where there will be a washing of latent impressions and stains of the innate ordinary view. While this is happening in the interior, the practitioner has still not yet created perceptions that can be used without the crutch of the inferior view.
To be continued


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